Sikhs All Over Canada Share The Love With Women's Initiative

The year late Bhai Jagraj Singh (founder of Basics of Sikhi) passed away he started yet another initiative....

The year late Bhai Jagraj Singh (founder of Basics of Sikhi) passed away he started yet another initiative. He told his close friends that on Valentine's day we (Sikhs) need to show everyone that it's all about love. 

This last weekend people bought flowers and roses for their beloveds, in Canada Sikhs have taken it upon themselves to help the marginalized and needy.


The Regina chapter of the World Sikh Organization participated by having school students pen personal notes to women in shelters to give them a morale boost. Global News quotes regional director Shaizinder Kaur saying, “They are very thoughtful. Those cards they make make my day. When I look at at them and see the passion they have to serve the community – I don’t have words to describe it.” The gift packages included baked treats, chocolates and essential care items and were distributed to over 150 women's shelters. 

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The initiative is part of 'One Billion Rising' which aims to end rape and sexual violence against women. This is the 4th your Regina's Sikh community has participated. 


Right along with the World Sikh Organization the 'Sikh Heritage Manitoba' (SHM) has been running a parallel program has also given care packages with Valentine's Day cards and hygiene products to women's centers. 

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This initiative is also in line with 'One Billion Rising' (OBR) representing how many women are abused globally, "But those rates are increasing because of the pandemic, local experts have said, and people may have difficulty leaving dangerous situations because of COVID-19 restrictions."

SHM's Gagan Singh is quoted by CBS as saying, "Domestic violence rates have increased over the time during COVID. The demand has increased with the shelters, and the support is much needed. Now more than ever." he said.


Sikh volunteers have delivered 1,100 packages of items like soap, toothpaste and shampoo to women and children in need. 

Vancouver Sun quotes volunteer Manpreet Kaur Multani as saying, “With COVID, a lot of women have been with their abusers for a long time, and unable to get away. Fifty-two per cent of shelters in Canada saw in increase in the severity of violence women were experiencing.”

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This local branch of WSO raised over $5,000 to deliver care packages. Volunteer Remneek Kaur is quoted by 660 City News, "I know today or the days around today are not easy, but we’re here for you, we love you, we support you and sometimes, just that little bit of encouragement alone can help to get to the next day even." 

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