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SikhNet Radio Adds 3 New Channels

Katha channel, Bangala Sahib Gurdwara channel and SikhNet Audio Stories added to SikhNet Radio for 24/7 streaming.

SikhNet is excited to announce the launch of three new wonderful channels through SikhNet Radio. By popular request, SikhNet Radio has created Channel 7 dedicated to Punjabi and English Katha, inspiring talks about the message and meaning of the Guru’s teachings.

Keeping with SikhNet’s tradition of providing audio streams from the most historic Gurdwaras in India, Channel 51 will offer live audio from Gurdwara Bangala Sahib in Delhi.

And for SikhNet’s younger audience, Chanel 5 offers a continuous stream of the uplifting SikhNet Children’s Audio stories.

Thousands of people a day tune into SikhNet Radio, which brings the vibration of the Sikh Gurus into the lives of people around the world. This popular service has attracted requests. The addition of these three new channels helps fulfill some of those requests. May the Words of the Guru continue to hold us in Chardi Kala!

Tune in to listen to SikhNet Radio at: http://www.sikhnet.com/radio

Download the SikhNet Radio App through: http://www.sikhnet.com/radio/mobile

Katha (channel 7)

Because of the many requests we received, a ‘Katha’ genre was created and is now live on the SikhNet radio. Now, at any time day or night, you can tune in to hear Katha from well over a dozen knowledgeable and respected Sikhs.

The Katha channel offers hundreds of hours streaming which will no doubt offer you many gems which can last a lifetime.

Bangala Sahib (channel 51)

This historically sacred place is where Guru Harkrishan healed many people suffering from smallpox, and merged in the Light of God. This popular Gurdwara, situated in the heart of New Dehli, attracts hundreds of visitors and devotees every day. Tune in and be transported to this sacred place.

Stories (channel 8)

SikhNet Audio Stories have been capturing the hearts and mind of children (and adults) for more than 5 years. Education professionals agree that with the increasing bombardment of visual stimulation, listening to these wholesome stories are a perfect way to engage the imagination of youngsters. Not only is this healthy for development, these universal tales are a precious resource for a spiritual upbringing.


“The stories of one’s ancestors make the children good children. They accept what is pleasing to the Will of the True Guru, and act accordingly.” (SGGS Ang 951)

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