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 "Arriving in Amritsar, I head to the entrance complex of Sri Harimandir Sahib. From the Darshani Deori, I can see the Harimandir Sahib and I feel blessed. It's morning, and it's quiet; I can just hear the Gurbani. As I walk down the stairs, I feel myself moving closer to the Guru and my happiness increases. The gold of Darbar Sahib is reflected in the Sarovar. I do a 'Matha Tek' near the Parkarma, take a Panj Ishnana and walk in the Parkarma. I receive Karah Parshad and reach the main Darbar Sahib. I feel even more blessed that Guru Sahib gave me a chance to meet him. I bow down and do a small Ardas. It's so beautiful inside -the chandoa Sahib above Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the beautiful Palki Sahib, the melodious sounds of keertan…It is bliss. Unfortunately, I can't go there every year, but I have found another way to experience this joy! Every morning SikhNet's Daily Hukamnama is in my inbox, and with a simple click, I am transported back to the bliss of hearing Gurbani and walking on the parkarma of Sri Harimander Sahib."  JSB, SikhNet user

Piare Sangat ji, 

It sounds so beautiful and reading this testimonial, I, too, am immediately filled with the memories of being in Amritsar and taking this same walk. 

I am sharing this with you because I know how hard it can be to feel connected to my Sikh heritage when I am working and living in another culture. SikhNet makes it easy for me and my family to stay connected to Guruji. 

I am always hearing how SikhNet services do this for people! And personally, in my family, we all love the Daily Hukamnama. My dadaji is so happy everyday listening to SikhNet Radio, and my brother uses SikhNet Play on his commute. 

Today we are fundraising for SikhNet's Vaisakhi campaign. Will you donate to help keep these important services going? You will be providing Sikhs all around the world with this precious connection to Guruji - online, anytime, anywhere. Will you give today? 

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

Harpreet Kaur
Fundraising Office, SikhNet 


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