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This is the very beginning of our annual fundraiser. I know those can be scary words, but I want to share how excited our entire team is about this year's fundraiser. 

Our focus this year is BANI: THE DIVINE CONNECTION. Banis are an important part of our day. They impart wisdom, give strength, and help us focus. In today's hyper-accelerated, media-exposed and online-centric life, Banis can be tools for balance, and clarity. They provide sustenance for our souls amid busy modern day lives. 

This year we will give you tools to enhance your own connection to Bani, and we have a lot of wonderful things in store for you!

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From ebooks to classes to new playlists, we will be sharing many beautifully crafted gifts with you. I hope you will stick with us during the year end fundraiser and enjoy this theme, deepen your personal connection with Bani, and receive the wonderful gifts our team has been creating and curating for you. 

There are many ways you can help us in our fundraiser this year. You can share our original emails  (especially the emails announcing our many free gifts) with your friends, family and local sangat! You can let people know to sign up for emails on SikhNet. And, of course, your support is of paramount importance. 

Your donations make this work possible. Your support lets over a million people - every month - connect to Guruji. 

  • Over 5 million people download Banis from SikhNet every year
  • Hundreds of thousands listen to a vast collection of Gurbani that can be listened to for free, 24/7/365, with no interruptions from ads
  • More than one million people connect to Sikh roots and heritage every month
  • Banis, Gurbani kirtan, Stories, Sikh history and more are available in an unbiased space open to Sikhs and non-Sikhs everywhere

Will you give today to get our year end fundraiser started? Click here www.sikhnet.com to help jumpstart the year end campaign. (Even though we normally don't send further emails to current donors, we will still be sending all the emails with gifts to our donors!)  

The entire SikhNet team is very excited about our focus on Bani this year end, and we are looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Please stay involved and share your own connection to Bani. If you would like to opt out of the 2023 fundraiser, you will find a link for that in footer. 

May the light of Guruji's Bani shine through your days and nights. 

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