Sikh Taxi Driver Makes Streets Safer By Picking Up Drunks

Super nice guy, spends his time doing the good stuff

Orangeville ON Canada have its fare share of drunks. Some are so inebriated that they don't even know where they are. 
So Narinder Paul Singh, a limo driver, took it upon himself to give them rides. He donates his driving time on the weekends to shuttle drunks so they don't pose a danger to themselves or others attempting to drive. This Sikh's charitable work has won the praise of locals.  
CTV news' Roger Klein reported, "Last week alone he drove over one hundred people home from local bars and restaurants." 

Abigail Philips, a bar manager, said, "I've seen it, it looks pretty busy and a lot of people are quite happy to get on board with that."

Local authories, like Constable Paul Nancekivell, are happy too, "He's engaging with the community and helping us prevent impaired driving." 


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