[Washington, DC] – For 15-year-old Trinjan Kaur, last summer wasn't just filled with sunshine and lazy days. Instead she embarked on a transformative journey that ignited her passion for law and deepened her connection to her Sikh faith, all thanks to the SikhLEAD Regional Internship program. 

"[SikhLEAD] easily became the highlight of my summer," reflects Trinjan Kaur. "They taught me professional skills rarely any other 15-year-old has. I learned how to network, build relationships, and maintain the right mindset for professional success." 

This newfound polish wasn't just theoretical. Through SikhLEAD's extensive network, Trinjan landed an internship at an environmental law firm – no easy feat for a high school sophomore. "[SikhLEAD] opened doors I never thought possible," she exclaims. 

But the program's impact transcended mere professional advancement. For Trinjan, who grew up in a predominantly white area, SikhLEAD fostered a sense of belonging she had never truly experienced. 

"Meeting other Sikh youth with similar values filled me with immense pride and comfort in my faith," she shares. "The SikhLEAD community provided a support system I didn't even know I needed." 

Weekly seminars with Sikh American changemakers and professionals offered invaluable guidance and inspiration. "[They] talked about their journeys, challenges, and successes, giving me practical advice and a roadmap for my own future," Trinjan Kaur remarked . 

Today, with newfound confidence and a clear vision, Trinjan knows exactly which field of law she wants to conquer. But more importantly, she carries the unwavering support of the SikhLEAD community, ready to propel her every step of the way. 

Inspired by Trinjan's transformative experience? The SikhLEAD Regional Internship program deadline approaches soon. To learn more and explore your own potential, visit www.saldef.org/sikhlead and join the next generation of Sikh leaders!

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