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There is an oxygen emergency at the national capital and across the country it is good Samaritans who are stepping into the help their countrymen. So reports NDTV as they interviewed people waiting in line for FREE OYGEN cylinders being provided by Hemkunt Foundation. One man, who is looking for oxygen for his uncle said, "I was not able to find an oxygen cylinder from any other place, so hopefully I can find it here." Another woman in the que stated,

"I have come from Delhi, I've come here for my father who is covid positive. There's a fluctuation in his oxygen levels, so that's why it's a really, really urgent need. That's why we've all the way from Delhi to Gurgaon in a hope that we'll get an oxygen cylinder and we can help him." 

A member of the non-profit said,

"My name is Harteerath Singh and I'm the community development director at Hemkunt Foundation. We've been working as an NGO for the past 10 years all over the globe, but this is the worst we've ever seen. It's an oxygen crisis... we procure cylinders from different states because we have no cylinders available in Delhi as of today. We have to prioritize the patients who's oxygen levels are below 85%, then we allow them to go inside and get a cylinder." 

When asked about the political scene at the moment where government officials are blaming each during the crisis Harteerath replied, "We can't waste even a single minute. You can play the blame game if you want to but we need to work. It's now or never basically, we can't waste time." 

Hemkunt Foundation has been keeping the public aware of their timely effort through social media with tweets like this: 

The replies to the tweet are alarming, the comments are filled with people begging to also receive oxygen. Bless these miracle workers in this time of need! 

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