Sikh Human Rights Group pitches a United Nations Declaration on diversity dedicated to Sri Guru Nanak Maharaj Ji

The SHRG will have to engage with UN diplomats and national governments, and deal with the complicated UN human rights i...

The whole world is participating in the ongoing 550th Prakash celebrations of our cosmological Lord, Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Ji Nirankaar Ji Sache Patshah Ji with devotion and reverence. Though the 550th anniversary of the descent of Sri Guru Maharaj Ji on this planet falls on the auspicious full moon day of Tuesday, 12th November 2019. A every devotional heart is endeavoring to contribute to the ongoing celebrations as an offering to Sri Guru Maharaj Ji.

In his very small and humble contribution to the 550th anniversary celebrations, Dr. Jasdev Singh Rai, the director of the Sikh Human Rights Group (SHRG) and a former member of the British Faith Communities Consultative Council (erstwhile British government body), formally submitted a declaration on diversity for consideration to the United Nations Human Rights Council, whose membership comprises of 47 governments. 

In his address [Youtuibe video link] to the Council, Dr. Rai stated, “Guru Nanak emphasized diversity as a natural phenomenon that should be celebrated. Guru Nanak promoted both acceptance of diversity and pluralism. Guru Nanak’s approach was to encourage people, communities and cultures to take a broader and pluralistic perspective on diversity.”


Jasdev Rai at the 32nd Meeting, 42nd Regular Session Human Rights Council

He further added that “it will be a remarkable affirmation of the teachings of Guru Nanak if consideration of this declaration could begin during this 550th anniversary.”

The Sikh Human Rights Group (SHRG) is a non-governmental organization that promotes human rights and the peaceful conflict resolution. Although it was established in 1984, the SHRG obtained Consultative Status with the UN in 2015. According to Dr Rai, “After getting the consultative status, we could easily approach international community to take up genuine issues including religious freedom, racism etc. which are being faced by minority communities across the world,” he said, adding, “Our organization has already chalked out the plan to stop violation of human rights and we are firm in struggling for social cause as taught by Gurbani”.

The SHRG has chosen to engage in an ambitious and challenging initiative by formally requesting the UN to consider and adopt a UN Declaration, which may form a part of UN human rights law in the future.

The SHRG will have to engage with UN diplomats and national governments, and deal with the complicated UN human rights institutions and processes, which will require a considerable amount of sustained availability of human and fiscal resources. But, with Sri Maharaj Ji’s Blessings and Sangat’s support, every impossibility is surmountable.

Here is the text of the Proposed UN declaration:

1569363524821_G1926277 diversity-page-002.jpg


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