Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji.


My name is Satinder. I am from Melbourne, Australia and currently based in Punjab, India.

This week I have launched the Sikh Reflection Journal, largely through my Instagram @chardikalavibes.  This has received an incredible worldwide response so far, with over 70 customer orders within the first week.

I made this journal to help me with my Gurbani studies.  This is not intended to be a very profitable business, rather the mission is to help others understand and apply Gurmat teachings into their daily lives. The journal is in English, suitable for all ages and all levels of spirituality.

Included in the journal are inspirational pages of Gurbani, introspective weekly themes and questions and daily prompts to help write down and keep track of meditation practices.


Reflection Journal 

Beautifully made Reflection Journal guided by universal spirituality. Suitable for all levels of spirituality - beginner, intermediate and advanced. English language, inspired by universal eastern spiritual teachings.

Journaling is a deeply therapeutic tool and effective way to help reflect and grow on our spiritual journey. This journal helps to break down spiritual journaling and make it easier for you to reflect and grow on your journey.

  • 13 week journal. Undated so you can complete it at your own pace
  • Weekly spiritual reflection prompts guided by universal spiritual teachings
  • Daily reflection with prompts to help you easily and quickly reflect on your daily practise
  • Lined pages for taking notes during meditation study
  • Blank pages for free journaling, drawing, let your creative juices flow
  • Hardcover black Journal, cover artwork by: Instagram handle @mind_theart
  • Product may vary slightly due to image enhancement.

Why the Reflection Journal?

This journal is the labour of love after my own struggle to incorporate spiritual reflections in my journaling. Spirituality is often difficult to write about as it is so broad and abstract. This journal breaks down key aspects of daily spirituality in order to make writing easier.

Space has been provided to reflect on physical health, social interactions and thoughts as these influence our daily spiritual vibration. Further, there is space to record any specific meditation practise and write down any progress or challenges you are facing.

In addition there are many questions and inspirational pages throughout the journal which you can reflect on to deepen your spiritual practice. On days you feel like changing it up such as free writing, taking spiritual studies, doodling or drawing, there are ample lined and blank pages also provided.

Pages are undated so you can use the journal as often or infrequently as you wish.

An all-in-one space for everything spirituality.


Message to Domestic Customers within India

We request domestic customers please purchase the Reflection Journal through the special discounted price for customers of India, which includes nationwide shipping. This special discounted price has been made available as we will be paying partially on behalf of our Indian customers to cover costs instead.


We are very empathetic to Indian consumers often missing opportunities due to a significantly lower national average income and lower national minimum wage in comparison to other countries.

Revealing the Reflection Journal!!


This Reflection Journal has been created with the intention to help others with their spiritual journey and we do not want it to be unaffordable for our Indian Customers. We hope this special discounted price will help increase the accessibility of this journal for our Indian consumers.

To see the amazing responses to the journal, please visit my Instagram:
@chardikalavibes and @thebestlifeot

I am now reaching out to Sikh organisations to ask whether you would be interested in this journal for your organisation. For yourself, colleagues, families, or perhaps for use as gifts, prizes and so on at camps or events.

If you are interested please visit  There is limited stock available.

Please share the word and help this journal reach those that would love and benefit from it!


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