Sikh Award Ceremony 2016 (SEWA and IFA)

SEWA & IFA organized "Sikh Awards 2016" at International Fateh Academy

SEWA (Social Educational Welfare Association) in association with International Fateh Academy organized "Sikh Awards 2016" on 7th January 2017 at International Fateh Academy Jandiala Guru.

MsAvaljotKaur (65K)

The prestigious award ceremony is organized every year to honour Gursikh personalities who are dedicated to the service of Sikhism and humanity.

The special presence of 'PanjPyareji' to confer awards upon the distinguished personalities of the Sikh panth was a great honour and sanctified the event. This honour is given to those Gursikhs who have overcome challenges to restore the honour and pride of Sikhism and to spread its fragrance in the entire world.

SikhAwardees (100K)

The President of SEWA & Chairman of International Fateh Academy, S. Jagbir Singh, shared that the Sikh Awards ceremony by SEWA was being organized from the last five years and awards were being given in various categories. The 'Sangat' from all over the globe nominated personalities through letters and e-mails. After a thorough verification of the nominations, Gursikhs were selected by SEWA, and if God wills, these awards will continue to be conferred year after year.

Our beloved PanjPyare, Bhai Satnam Singh, Bhai Satnam Singh, Bhai Tarlok Singh, Bhai Mangal Singh and Bhai Major Singh were honored with the 'Sikh of the Year, 2015-16' Award for their courage and responsibility for safeguarding the pride and dignity of the sikh panth.

Chaar Sahibzaade movie was awarded with the title of "Best Sikh film of the year, 2016'' and Akaal Channel UK was honored with "Best Sikh Channel of the year, 2016 award"

Bibi Inderjit Kaur & Bibi Pritam Kaur were honored with SEWA Life Time Achievement Award for their valour, courage and service to humanity.

The award for "Sikh Organization of the Year 2016" was conferred to "Basics of Sikhi" and "Khalsa Aid" for their innovative ways to spread the teachings of Sikhism and serve humanity.

Dr. Inderjit Singh Gogoani, a noted writer, researcher of Sikh history was also conferred with the Dedicated Sikh Writer Award' for his contribution to the Sikh Panth. S. Manjeet Singh was honored for his "Shashtarnama" book on Sikh Weapon History as Best Gatka (Martial Art) Book award.

S. Satdeep Singh was honored with Best Documentary of the Year 2016 award for becoming a young aspiring Sikh film maker who has won accolades for his three movies related to Sikh Philosophy and issues.

S. Harjinder Singh and S. Navtej Singh were honored with the Sikh Youth Icon of the Year 2016 award, for being the first Amritdhari Gur sikh with the true image in the Body building and fitness industry.

Bhai Gurnek Singh & Bibi Parkash Kaur were conferred with Dedicated Sikh of the Year 2016 award for dedicating their life selflessly to the noble and onerous mission of social service.

The program was telecast on Akaal Channel (UK), Jas one Channel (USA). The present members of various sikh organizations and personalities from all over the world were honored. SEWA aspires to continue honoring Sikh Personalities who will contribute spreading the values of Sikhism to the world.


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Jagbir Singh, Chairman
[email protected]
International Fateh Academy

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