SIKH ART Exhibition Slough, UK - Feb 4th

Presenting Sikh history through paintings


In the Fall of 2016 we began work on Without Shape Without Form, UK's first ever permanent Sikh art gallery. It was an unparalleled opportunity to create something truly unique which had the potential to be a tremendous asset to our community. Sikhism has made tremendous strides throughout the globe across many platforms, and yet there have been very few initiatives to create permanent world class institutions which reflect upon our historic roots. We have a number of museums which house relics of our past but scattered antiques always tell a disconnected story. The core idea behind the new art gallery is to clearly present Sikh history through paintings which place their emphasis on the essential Sakhis that hold us together as one community.

This art exhibition is the most comprehensive collection of Sikh paintings created through Art of Punjab and span over a decade of work. The artwork is presented on a grand scale with massive canvas paintings filling the 7000 square foot modern gallery space. Collectively these paintings, alongside powerful displays combining historical text with Gurbani, tell the story of our Gurus and the cycle of history which they set in motion. It speaks to the essential question of why our Gurus created a spirit born people called the Sikhs, the reason countless sacrifices were undertaken, so that ultimately a singular purpose for life could be revealed to the whole of humanity.

The Without Shape Without Form gallery opens its doors again this Sunday Feb 4th at the Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara, admission is free, please attend and experience this one of a kind event.

Kanwar Singh, Artist

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