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yogibhajan_-cropped_0 (8K)Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, May 9, 1971 (Mother’s Day)

If there will be no respect for the woman, there shall be no peace on this Earth.

The mother who gave us life, who gave us birth, who gave us existence, who took care of us in those days when we were totally helpless—we hire that mother for a few dollars for our sensory satisfaction.

I am a worshipper of the woman, Bhagwati. I care for Bhagwati very much. I worship her in my heart. She is with me and the Divine Mother protects me all the time. I know my faults and my follies and I know my strong protection. That protection is stronger than anything I have realized in my whole life. Therefore I feel like just lodging a great protest with the world today. Don't talk about peace, don't talk about spirituality, don't give us a message of Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Rama, or Krishna. We have heard that.

Give us something so that we may stop exploiting our own mother. Give us something so that we may tune into the cosmos to be worthy of our mother. Give us something so that we can relate to this creative power of the God which is the mother. Give us something by which we can honestly draw in our heart the image of Grace of the Mother. And, oh Lord of Lords of the time, if you have created this world, create those environments where everybody's mother, sister, and every woman on this planet can live with grace and there shall be no circumstances in which she has to sell her beauty, sell her body, sell her being, or sell her consciousness to exist on this planet.

I do not know whether my tiny and feeble voice can be heard, but I am pretty sure I will shout it from those mountains. I will never rest on that planet on which woman is still being exploited.

With these words, and with this prayer of mine, on this most beautiful day which I relate to, it is a day to be reminded of my own source of energy. I bow to every mother and I also ask the would-be mothers to be graceful. And I ask every man who would seek peace to realize that peace doesn't come by protests and rallies. Peace comes by peaceful actions, and so long as those born of the mother will not learn to respect the woman, there shall not be any peace on this planet. The day the woman will not be exploited on this planet, there shall be peace on this Earth."

“We talk about peace, tranquility, and good luck. But so long as those born of woman do not respect woman, there cannot be peace of mind, national peace, or peace in the Universe. So long as man does not have reverence for the primal force, his mental attribute will still want to exploit woman, reduce her, abuse her, and be angry with her. Every male achievement will be empty.” Yogi Bhajan, June 25, 1978

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Peace Prayer

Prince of peace and Lord of prosperity,
You are the One God of all reality.
I salute Thee.
I bow to Thee.
To Thee I pray.
I'll worship Thee eternally, if I may.
Bless each one and bless everyone.
Bring peace of mind to all under the sun.
Peace is my prayer, peace is my song.
Guide humanity so that we may not go wrong.
Give us a place at Thy lotus feet
So we all may experience this blissful treat.
To You, O Lord my God, I pray:
Help us! Save us all, I beg to say.
We are Thy creation.
We are Thy love.
Teach us the lesson as You taught the peaceful dove.
Give us today and give us tomorrow.
Show us the Path and dissolve our sorrows.
I reach to Thee.
Thou art reality.
Bless the whole human race with peace and prosperity.
Yogi Bhajan, April 30, 1990
© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Sep. 29th 2015

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