SEWA 2013 Sikh Awards

The great personalities that have contributed to the promotion of Sikhism were honoured by SEWA ( Social Educational Wel...

Ceremony dedicated to Bhai Gurbakhsh Singh Khalsa

The great personalities that have contributed to the promotion of Sikhism were honoured by SEWA ( Social Educational Welfare Association) on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 at a International Level Conference held at International Fateh Academy, Jandiala Guru.

The Five ‘Singh Sahiban’ graced the occasion with their benign presence and honoured the great personalities of Sikh Faith with Awards of Honour.

The aim of the conference was to recognize those personalities that are making an indefatigable effort in different spheres not only to revive the honour but to spread the fragrance of Sikhism throughout the world. This Conference was a wonderful attempt by ‘SEWA’ a non-profit registered Society. The president of ‘SEWA’ S.Jagbir Singh, Chairman, and IFA shared that the Sikh of the Year Award was initiated in the year 2011. This time the awards are being given in different categories for which nominations were sought from the ‘Sikh Sangat’ through messages and e-mail. A survey was carried out of the nominations and 10 Gursikhs were finally selected for Awards which will be given every year. The personalities honoured with Awards were:

S. Jagmeet Singh MPP Canada was honoured with the "Sikh of the Year Award" for his tireless contribution for the protection of Human Rights and presenting Sikh Personality at Provincial Parliament. It was very unfortunate S. Jagmeet Singh has not been given the visa from Indian Govt. to come and receive this award in Amritsar. He received this award through Video Conferencing during the ceremony and in his speech he dedicated his award to Bhai Gurbakhsh Singh Khalsa, the human rights activist.

Dr. Rajwant Singh Ji of USA was honoured with the "Sikh of the Decade Award" for his endeavour to create awareness regarding the conservation and preservation of environment, promoting Sikhism at iinternational level and celebrating Sikh Gurupurabs in White House, USA.

Dr. Raghbir Singh Ji Bains of Khadoor Sahib was honoured with "Life Time Achievement Award" for authoring the "Multimedia Encyclopedia of Sikhism" a valuable contribution to the Sikh Faith.

Bhai Davinder Singh Ji Khannewale and Bhai Baldev Singh JI Wadala (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib) with the Bhalo Bhalo Re Kirtaniye Award.

S. Jarnail Singh Ji of Delhi and S. Raja Singh Ji of Jalandhar were recognized for their contribution to promotion of  Sikhism, Service to the Faith and protection of Human Rights with the "Dedicated Sikh Award."

S.Satdeep Singh Ji of Delhi was recognized for his creativity in producing animation films relating to Sikhism with the "Creative Sikh Award."

Below are the links of Video: Sikh Awards-2013

The Awards by SEWA will be a regular feature recognizing the great personalities of Sikh Faith for their contribution in upholding the honour and promotion of Sikhism.


Please visit the following links to view the ceremony in its entirety:

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