Seminar on environmental protection held in Amritsar

Dr. Inderjit Kaur gave the message that one should be down to earth, love everybody and serve humanity.

Amritsar, Punjab - Sant Singh Sukha Singh College of Commerce for Women  here organized a seminar on ‘Environment Protection’ which was held on Monday, February 16th. On this occasion President of All India Pingalwara Society, Dr. Inderjit Kaur presided over the seminar.

She expressed her views about modern India scenario wherein people have become badly materialistic. The aim of youth to attain knowledge is to get a job but not to serve the society. She inspired students that aim of education should be to attain awareness about various national problems & sincere efforts to solve the issues.

Talking about infertility among young women, she blamed unwanted excessive use of pesticides in vegetables.

Criticizing the nuclear deal with US, she said that deadly rays would be developed with the installation of nuclear reactor that would be harmful for humanity and a human reproduction system. Nevertheless to say this ‘Nuclear Treaty’ would produce surplus electricity but it will also produce negative impacts.

She also condemned import of genetically modified seeds. Stressing upon the need of organic vegetables that could be produced in the lawn of our house, she said that we should not eat toxin in form of vegetables bearing pesticides as we do not have to eat poison to fulfill our appetite.

She gave a message one should be down to earth and love everybody to serve humanity.

On this occasion, students presented multimedia presentations on various topics such as ‘Destruction on Earth’, ” How we can stop destruction’ and   Air and its pollution’.

While welcoming the chief guest Dr. Inderjit Kaur, Director Sant Singh Sukha Singh College of Commerce for Women  S. Jagdish Singh  presented saropa (robe of honor) and set of blankets for the inmates of Pingalwara Charitable Society.

During the vote of thanks, Principal of the college Dr. Navdeep Kaur appreciated the achievements of Dr. Inderjit Kaur and applauded the performance of all the participants. 

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