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We realised in previous articles that our Haumai ( I am ) is the biggest roadblock in attainment of Naam. We need to figure out the nature of this beast ( elephant in the room ) and learn from Guru Sahib techniques to sort it out.

Gurbani talks about ‘Haumai ‘ rog as a chronic disease in the humanity. It also talks about the cure of this disease and which can be accessed through ‘Shabad Guru’. Guru Nanak has written in Asa di Vaar ;

ਹਉੁਮੈ ਦੀਰਘ ਰੋਗੁ ਹੈ ਦਾਰੂ ਭੀ ਇਸੁ ਮਾਹ
ਕਿਰਪਾ ਕਰੇ ਜੇ ਆਪਣੀ ਤਾ ਗੁਰ ਕਾ ਸਬਦੁ ਕਮਾਹਿ ॥

Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well.
If the Lord grants His Grace, one acts according to the Teachings of the Guru's Shabad.

‘Haumai’ is the condition of mind which creates its individual identity ( I Am). It makes mind believe that it is different from others and has to survive on its own. There are five main elements of this disease;

Lust - Kaam
Anger - Krodh
Greed - Lobh
Attachment - Moh
Ego - Ahankar

Guru Arjan Dev prays to Waheguru for providing sanctuary to his mind which is getting troubled by these five vices;

ਰਾਖੁ ਪਿਤਾ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਮੇਰੇ ॥
ਮੋਹਿ ਨਿਰਗੁਨੁ ਸਭ ਗੁਨ ਤੇਰੇ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉੁ ॥
ਪੰਚ ਬਿਖਾਦੀ ਏਕੁ ਗਰੀਬਾ ਰਾਖਹੁ ਰਾਖਨਹਾਰੇ ॥
ਖੇਦੁ ਕਰਹਿ ਅਰੁ ਬਹੁਤੁ ਸੰਤਾਵਹਿ ਆਇਓ ਸਰਨਿ ਤੁਹਾਰੇ ॥੧॥
ਕਰਿ ਕਰਿ ਹਾਰਿਓ ਅਨਿਕ ਬਹੁ ਭਾਤੀ ਛੋਡਹਿ ਕਤਹੂੰ ਨਾਹੀ ॥
ਏਕ ਬਾਤ ਸੁਨਿ ਤਾਕੀ ਓਟਾ ਸਾਧਸੰਗਿ ਮਿਟਿ ਜਾਹੀ ॥੨॥
ਕਰਿ ਕਿਰਪਾ ਸੰਤ ਮਿਲੇ ਮੋਹਿ ਤਿਨ ਤੇ ਧੀਰਜੁ ਪਾਇਆ ॥
ਸੰਤੀ ਮੰਤੁ ਦੀਓ ਮੋਹਿ ਨਿਰਭਉੁ ਗੁਰ ਕਾ ਸਬਦੁ ਕਮਾਇਆ ॥੩॥
ਜੀਤਿ ਲਏ ਓਇ ਮਹਾ ਬਿਖਾਦੀ ਸਹਜ ਸੁਹੇਲੀ ਬਾਣੀ ॥
ਕਹੁ ਨਾਨਕ ਮਨਿ ਭਇਆ ਪਰਗਾਸਾ ਪਾਇਆ ਪਦੁ ਨਿਰਬਾਣੀ ॥

Save me, O My Father God.
I am worthless and without virtue; all virtues are Yours. ||1||Pause||
The five vicious thieves are assaulting my poor being; save me, O Savior Lord!
They are tormenting and torturing me. I have come, seeking Your Sanctuary. ||1||
Trying all sorts of things, I have grown weary, but still, they will not leave me alone.
But I have heard that they can be rooted out, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; and so I seek their Shelter. ||2||
In their Mercy, the Saints have met me, and from them, I have obtained satisfaction.
The Saints have given me the Mantra of the Fearless Lord, and now I practice the Word of the Guru's Shabad. ||3||
I have now conquered those terrible evil-doers, and my speech is now sweet and sublime.
Says Nanak, the Divine Light has dawned within my mind; I have obtained the state of Nirvaanaa. ||4||4||125||

Guru Sahib says that communion with Shabad guru and abiding by Guru’s teachings helps in overcoming the vices and enlightens the mind. Guru Sahib in another Shabad says that the mind gets hijacked by these vices and living by Guru’s teachings cuts its bondage.

ਕਾਮਿ ਕ੍ਰੋਧਿ ਲੋਭਿ ਮੋਹਿ ਮਨੁ ਲੀਨਾ ॥
ਬੰਧਨ ਕਾਟਿ ਮੁਕਤਿ ਗੁਰਿ ਕੀਨਾ ॥

The mind is engrossed in sexual desire, anger, greed and emotional attachment.
Breaking my bonds, the Guru has liberated me. ||2||

Following two shabads also mention about the ignorant mind not realising  its ambrosial nectar is getting looted by these five thieves ( vices ) , allows to happen unchecked. Guruji says that this can only be stopped if mind is reined in by Naam Simran. The person who through blessings of Guru is able to transcend these obstacles ( vices ) is the one who achieves enlightenment.

ਇਸੁ ਦੇਹੀ ਅੰਦਰਿ ਪੰਚ ਚੋਰ ਵਸਹਿ ਕਾਮੁ ਕ੍ਰੋਧੁ ਲੋਭੁ ਮੋਹੁ ਅਹੰਕਾਰਾ ॥
ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤੁ ਲੂਟਹਿ ਮਨਮੁਖ ਨਹੀ ਬੂਝਹਿ ਕੋਇ ਨ ਸੁਣੈ ਪੂਕਾਰਾ ॥
ਅੰਧਾ ਜਗਤੁ ਅੰਧੁ ਵਰਤਾਰਾ ਬਾਝੁ ਗੁਰੂ ਗੁਬਾਰਾ ॥੨॥
ਹਉੁਮੈ ਮੇਰਾ ਕਰਿ ਕਰਿ ਵਿਗੁਤੇ ਕਿਹੁ ਚਲੈ ਨ ਚਲਦਿਆ ਨਾਲਿ ॥
ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਹੋਵੈ ਸੁ ਨਾਮੁ ਧਿਆਵੈ ਸਦਾ ਹਰਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਸਮਾਲਿ ॥
ਸਚੀ ਬਾਣੀ ਹਰਿ ਗੁਣ ਗਾਵੈ ਨਦਰੀ ਨਦਰਿ ਨਿਹਾਲਿ ॥੩॥

ਕਾਮੁ ਕ੍ਰੋਧੁ ਲੋਭੁ ਮੋਹੁ ਬਿਬਰਜਿਤ ਹਰਿ ਪਦੁ ਚੀਨੈ੍ ਸੋਈ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉੁ ॥
ਰਜ ਗੁਣ ਤਮ ਗੁਣ ਸਤ ਗੁਣ ਕਹੀਐ ਇਹ ਤੇਰੀ ਸਭ ਮਾਇਆ ॥
ਚਉੁਥੇ ਪਦ ਕਉੁ ਜੋ ਨਰੁ ਚੀਨੈ੍ ਤਿਨ੍ ਹੀ ਪਰਮ ਪਦੁ ਪਾਇਆ ॥੨॥

Within this body dwell the five thieves: sexual desire, anger, greed, emotional attachment and egotism.
They plunder the Nectar, but the self-willed manmukh does not realize it; no one hears his complaint.
The world is blind, and its dealings are blind as well; without the Guru, there is only pitch darkness. ||2||
Indulging in egotism and possessiveness, they are ruined; when they depart, nothing goes along with them.
But one who becomes Gurmukh meditates on the Naam, and ever contemplates the Lord's Name.
Through the True Word of Gurbani, he sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord; blessed with the Lord's Glance of Grace, he is enraptured. ||3||
The spiritual wisdom of the True Guru is a steady light within the heart. The Lord's decree is over the heads of even kings.
Night and day, the Lord's devotees worship Him; night and day, they gather in the true profit of the Lord's Name.
O Nanak, through the Lord's Name, one is emancipated; attuned to the Shabad, he finds the Lord. ||4||2||

Consider a model of chariot driven by five horses viz lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego- mind being the charioteer. If horses are uncontrolled ( our present state ), journey will be a mess ( current state of mind ). More the chaos in the horses, bigger is the turmoil in the mind. If through Naam Simran and Bhagti we are able to have our Guru ( Gian ) as a charioteer, he will be able to rein in the mind’s horses and the journey becomes a pleasant one ( Sehaj ).

Guru ji sums up this in a beautiful way;

ਰੋਗੁ ਗਇਆ ਪ੍ਰਭਿ ਆਪਿ ਗਵਾਇਆ ॥
ਨੀਦ ਪਈ ਸੁਖ ਸਹਜ ਘਰੁ ਆਇਆ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉੁ ॥

The disease is gone; God Himself took it away.
I sleep in peace; peaceful poise has come to my home. ||1||Pause||

We will in subsequent articles explore the problems caused by indulgences of mind and symptoms of stress, worry, fear and anxiety. We will seek Guru ji’s guidance in blessing us with his insights to experience a state of joy and bliss.

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