Roving Sikhs ~ the rocking Rock Band

We apply our professionalism in our work and in our music....

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We are the Roving Sikhs..India's First Sikh rock band.

We are the doctors, the engineers, the businessmen. the professionals and the students. We are you!

We apply our professionalism in our work and in our music. We are still in the nascent stage but on adding the proper catalyst even gold becomes reactive, and through our practice, hard work and dedication with and towards music we are sure to be one of the best one day.

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We call our drummer The Killer Drummer-he's not only good enough to move anyone and any music to the beat with the drum sticks in his hand but also he's a sorcerer ready to tame hai drums and make the stage rumble! He is Gurinder Pal Singh.

Our second member dares Michaelangelo. He's the lead guitarist, and believe me he could both qualitatively and quantitatively be the ruler of the lead guitarists, and much more. He is a volcano about to explode, he is Gagandeep Singh.

Our next member can play the bass just like a six string guitar. With his hands sliding on the neck, he's the bassist for all time, and super rhythmic too. He sets the stage on fire with his electrifying effects, his name is Gurpreet Singh.

Next member is the keys. He's the synthesizer specialist and his magic synth can really do the Hocus Pocus. He makes the crowd go mad. He is Vidyut Gupta.

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The youngest member of our band is Deepjot Singh, a.ka DJ. He brings the soul to the band (Yeah! Ehsaan Noorani, he can beat ya.) He's the rhythm guitarist of the band.

The sixth member is Rajdeep Singh. He makes the band come alive with his Magical Voice. Yeah he's the lead singer and one day maybe he'll be the next sought after voice. No, iits not over yet. If we are the onstage artists, we surely wouldn't neglect the backstage crew. The next member of the band is Shivam Soni, our sound recording engineer. He makes the band sound even better with his great sound quality.

Next comes Gurjeev Singh, the Band Manager. He's a pro in his band business and knows how to make us feel better on stage and helps us remove our flaws, as do Arashdeep Singh & Sarbjeet Singh.

So, after all this, a finished product comes to the the world: ROVING SIKHS!

Oh, we have one more member. That is you! THE FANS OF ROVING SIKHS. We owe it all to you. It's you who make us grow stronger, better and bigger. We thank you all!

RovingSikhs1 (124K)Our Founding Members:
1) Gurinder pal Singh
2) Gagan Deep Singh
3) Gurpreet Singh
4) Rajdeep Singh
5) Sarabjeet Singh

The Back Stage Bones:
1) Shivam Soni
2) Gurjeev Singh

The Onstage Playing Members:
1)Gurinder pal Singh(Drums )
2)Gagan Deep Singh(Lead Guitar And Backing Vocals)
3)Gurpreet Singh (Bass guitar)
4)Rajdeep singh(Lead Vocals-frontman)
5)Vidyut Gupta(Synth)
6)Deepjot Singh(Rhythm Guitar)

As we say, Bach gave us God's word; Mozart gave us God's laughter; Beethoven gave us God's fire and God gave us music itself, that we might pray beyond words.

Roving Sikhs music has been inspired by Rock, Sufi music, and Punjabi folk music. Our favourite musicians include Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Dire straits and Jimmy Page.

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