The rise and rise of Rupi Kaur: from Instagram to one of the world's most popular authors

When sales of poetry jumped by 79% over 2016 in Canada, the rise was credited almost entirely to her success.

This weekend, Jagmeet Singh, the newly elected leader of Canada's NDP, posted a short video to his Instagram page with a friend. "Canada's #1 Author with Canada's next Prime Minister. Game recognize game and we looking real familiar," he wrote.

It's hard to say who is more in demand right now. Rupi Kaur isn't just Canada's top author, she is on track to be one of the best-selling authors in the world. 

"Her voice is resonating around the world like no other Canadian author we've ever seen before," Kevin Hanson, president of Simon & Schuster Canada, told the Globe and Mail recently. "I don't think there's a Canadian author who's seen this kind of response, globally, like this, at such a young age."

Even though Simon & Schuster Canada is publishing her new book, he is not exaggerating.  

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