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Miracles of Ardaas - Book review by Inderjeet Kaur

This is the story of a sailor turned mountaineer whose faith in Gurus enabled him to put nine of his countrymen on top o...

An absorbing tale of courage and the will to conquer.

August 31, 2003

Miracles of Ardaas
Incredible Adventures and Survivals
By M.S. Kohli
ISBN 81-7387-152-3
Pages: 184
Price in India : Rs. 150

"Faith can move a mountain", the Bible assures us. This is the story of a sailor turned mountaineer whose faith in Gurus enabled him to put nine of his countrymen on top of the world's highest mountain. His faith helped overcome fear and survive many brushes with death. It is an absorbing tale of courage and the will to conquer." Khushwant Singh

This unique book describes thrilling account of the Captain Kohli's several Himalayan climbs, amazing incidents, unbelievable happenings in life, divine experiences gaining strength and confidence, and miraculous survivals through the unshakeable faith in the divine power of Ardaas. The book takes the reader to the dizzy heights of the majestic Himalayas where one feels closer to the God and Nature.

Sujan Singh Kohli, father of the Captain Kohli, is the inspiration behind this unique publication. His ancestor, Kirpa Singh, was baptised personally by Guru Gobind Singh on the Baisakhi Day of 1699 at Anandpur Sahib. Three hundered years later, on the Baisakhi Day of 1999, Captain Kohli was honoured at Anandpur Sahib by the Chief Minister of Punjab with the award of ‘Nishan-e-Khalsa’. Sujan Singh inherited the faith in ardaas from his ancestors and faithfully passed this on to his sons.

Bhai Harbans Lal has written the introduction and Dr. Karan Singh has written the foreword to the book. Capt. Kohli, who has written 18 books, feels that this is the most important book that he has ever written. With so many miracles, successful adventures and narrow survivals in the life of one single individual, a very rare occurrence in itself, Captain Kohli has felt the blessings of the Almighty in his life and has now shared it with people all over the world, especially the Sikh community, through this book. The book is of a great value to the youth who would be encouraged to have faith in Ardaas and their Gurus.

To support the cause of Pingalwada Charitable Hospital, in Amritsar which is doing wonderful work for the lepers and the mentally challenged children, Captain Kohli has donated the entire royalty accruing from the sale of this book to All India Pingalwada Charitable Society (Regd.), Amritsar (Punjab), INDIA.

Inderjeet Kaur
President, All India Pingalwara Charitable Society (Retd)
Amritsar (Punjab), INDIA

Note: to order the book "Miracles of Ardaas" go to www.indusbooks.com

comment: article courtesy Himalayan Environment Trust

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