Renowned Doctor Pof. Harminder S. Dua Earns Prestigious Honour as 'High Sheriff' of Nottinghamshire

In 2013 Doctor Dua notably his discovery of a layer of the eye which has been named "Dua's Layer", a medi...

Prof. Harminder Singh Dua has a prestigious career as an eye doctor. He is the chair and professor of ophthalmology at University of Nottingham and is the head of the Division of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

In 2013 Doctor Dua notably his discovery of a layer of the eye which has been named "Dua's Layer", a medical breakthrough that has enabled ophthalmologists to greatly increase patient outcomes. 

He has previously been bestowed the 'Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons' (FRCS). In 2019 he was further honored with the 'Most Excellent Order of the British Empire' (CBE). 
Today we University of Nottingham posted that Mr. Singh has been appointed as 'High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire'.

His name was approved by the Queen and a ceremony officiating his title was conducted on March13th.

Being High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire is a high honour and rare privilege, I will work to support charities and local voluntary organisations and focus on Community health and Religion and the Environment - CARE. To care for those who serve us and for those who we serve."

Professor Harminder Singh Dua

The University noted all the accomplishments of Dua and offered some explanation for the historic title: 

The High Sheriff is one of the oldest roles in the country going back over a thousand years, and pre-dating Robin Hood by several hundred years.

The High Sheriff plays an increasingly active and supportive role within the county both in relation to the Police and emergency services and in lending encouragement to public sector agencies such as the probation and prison services and to voluntary sector organisations involved in crime reduction and social cohesion. The principal formal duties of High Sheriffs today include attendance at royal visits in the County and support for Her Majesty’s High Court Judges when on Circuit.

Many congratulations to Dr. Harminder Singh Dua who has made us all proud and helped countless people with his good work. 



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