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On June 23 & 24, Sikh Sangat of North America, in partnership with mysimran.info hosted an afternoon of community engagement to raise awareness about the Sikh contributions in World War 1 (WW1).

2018 marks the centennial anniversary of WW1, where Sikhs contributed greatly, which has largely been forgotten.

“It was incredible to learn about the Sikh contributions during WW1, which I heard for the very first time,” said one guest of the local Sikh community. “It’s interesting how our community participated in this world event, but often we’re made to feel that we shouldn’t be living in this country. I felt a sense of pride and comfort knowing that I have every right to live here, with my family.”

Over 50 guests attended throughout both days from the local Sikh community and members of other faiths in Wheaton and Palatine (Chicago). The day began with guests experiencing an art exhibit which showcased examples of some of the Sikh contributions in the first World War. This was followed by a history presentation in the main congregation hall, which also included key lessons from Gurbani (scripture). Langar was then offered, which is a specially-prepared meal for the congregation by local volunteers. Guests enjoyed lunch together further adding to dialogue and connection.

“I’ve actually learned quite a bit about Sikh history in some of my lectures, but not much about Sikhs in WW1,” said one University student of the Christian faith. “The art exhibit was very inspirational and the history presentation really helped put Sikh contributions into perspective. I can walk away today having learned about the incredible bravery of Sikh soldiers. Americans should all be grateful to every community or faith group that has sacrificed for us to enjoy the luxuries that we do.”

WW1 helped shape modern world as we know it and Sikhs participated in this change quite significantly. Through bravery and their faith in their Guru, Sikh soldiers were pioneers, and therefore, Sikhs are not guests in this country, rather active contributors – we belong!


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