Remembering Nihang Jodhbir Singh

It was learned that among the dead is Nihang Jodhbir Singh, a Caucasian convert to the Sikh religion....

Two days ago came the news of the killing of four people in a town in north Switzerland.

It was learned that among the dead is Nihang Jodhbir Singh, a Caucasian convert to the Sikh religion.

All who knew him knew of his service, his spirit and his light.

Recently he had posted on his facebook the following write up where he expresses that God can not be found in the head but only through the heart.

Read below to see his unedited write up. 

It is an amazingly fitting memorial and message from this most blessed soul. 

May be in the pure lap of grace and may we learn how best to join him. 




Wahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh 

Current Acts of many Groups and Leaders and followers of Sikhism and also other Faiths are seem to be very strange to me. I thought, why does this happen ? 

This is what i witnessed.

Religion is led by many Intellectuals.

Intellectuals Act sometimes very strange. Much Anger is there. Much misunderstandment, much ignorance.

All Questions, Life, Feelings, Behaving only acts through Mind (Mannas)

By trying, to find Waheguru (The Source of Being) through Mind (Mannas). Prayer becomes Robotic, Live unfulfilled, Speech of Hatred, Everywhere r Enemys, Stress, sluggish, Future is Dark , with Pain and suffering, Songs and Music have no Joy.

Heart (Dil) is blocked by intellectuality (Mannas). 

acting very strange sometimes, there is a lot of Fear (Bhao).

Fear blocks one, to enter the stage of of Love (Prem)
One cannot be intellectual and be in Love. 

A Intellectual Person cannot feel Love, he can only say I AM (Aham), he cannot say YOU ARE (Tuhin Tuhin) 

Love (Prem) is the Door (Duar) to the Shabad (Prime Sound) . Where Love (Prem) remains, there is no fear, no Mind, no I AM. In Love one cannot be alive.

In Love one has to Die Fully.

Die. Mind Die

Pooran Prem, Pure Love 

Mind has died, one has no Enemies, no pain, no stress, no Fear, no Anger. The state of Love (Prem) 

Pooran Prem, The True Form of the Khalsa 

Waheguru ji, let me stepping on the Path of Love, and Cut my Head from this Torso




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