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"Gurbani is written in vibration and, when we listen, it tunes us into the frequency of that vibration."

For our Banis-themed year end, we reached out to Guruka Singh and, as he has always done through the years for SikhNet, he came through with a gem. 

For the next gift in the Bani: The Divine Connection series, we are delighted to share with you today an inspirational video: "Reflections on Banis with Guruka Singh." 

Guruka ji says, "In our modern lives we are always caught up with what we are doing, we lose our ability to remember as we lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle. Banis can help redirect us into patterns of calmness, love, unity, safety and security."

There are many beautiful messages in this Inspirations Video, but perhaps the most important is this: "Banis are done from the love they evoke in us." 

Guruka Singh ji's wisdom, clarity and humor help us remove self-judgment, while also helping us find the beauty of Banis in modern day life.

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