I am so proud that SikhNet Play is used by over 3 milllion people every year. Our constant aim, one closest to my heart, has been to promote accessibility to Gurbani in our community, with particular focus on curation, diversity and delivery of content.

People all over the world access SikhNet Play to listen to specially curated content that includes playlists and Jukeboxes, as well as a vast repertoire of Artists performing Nitnem, Gurbani kirtan and Kathas on different Banis. 

More than 5000 people tune in daily to SikhNet radio to listen to Gurdwaras from all over the world. The daily broadcast from Sri Harminder Sahib is a key way for people from around the world to listen and connect to the divine light of the Shabad Guru from 3am to 10pm daily. 
We LOVE to encourage younger generations to connect to Sikhi with sing-a-long shabad kirtan. Children can listen and learn how to recite Banis with recordings by children for children. 

The most listened to Bani on SikhNet is Akhand Paath, a continuous recitation of Siri Guru Granth Sahib which takes 2.5 days to recite completely. Guru Sahib accompanies us and keeps our mind connected with the light throughout everything we do,

We are also working on developing English translations for all Banis on SikhNet Play, reinforcing our commitment to making these sacred teachings accessible to a broader audience.  

Last year one Bani had a record amount of downloads:
Benti Choupai Sahib

benti choupai.png

As a special gift for our Divine Connection Fundraiser, Bhai Lakhvir Singh made a beautiful new recording for you! 

SikhNet Play is a platform for artists and community alike, and my job is to  connect them. We reach hundreds of thousands of people because of YOUR SUPPORT, and after three years of continuous upgrades, expansion and work on SikhNet Play, we need your support more than ever. 

Will you give generously of your Dasvandh today? 

People get content that they want to listen to, because we consistently conduct research into the content that the Sikh community is looking for and then provide access to that. 

Will you support our work at SikhNet? 

May the Light of the Guru continue to spread through the world, touching and healing the hearts of all who bathe in that Light.

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