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The achievements that Sikhs have had all over the world have been a source of pride for the Sikh community for quite some time now. Ranjit Singh is the first Sikh person to hold the position of deputy mayor in France. He was elected from Bobigny town of France in 2020. This accomplishment came shortly after Anmol Kaur Narang made the community proud by being the first Sikh girl to graduate from West Point.

The younger Sikh generation making the community proud 

Ranjit Singh Goraya, who was victorious in the election for the Bobini town seat, hails from the Sekha village in the Gurdaspur region of Punjab. The fact that a young Sikh man who wears a turban was elected as Deputy Mayor in a city where students are not allowed to wear turbans in schools or universities is a very proud accomplishment for Sikhs.

In France, it was against the law to wear or carry religious symbols such as Sikh turbans in public schools or colleges. As a result of this law, some children were kicked out of French government schools in 2004. Ranjit Singh was among many who were expelled from Government College for wearing a turban. However, he held on to his identity and continued to work towards the betterment of society. In 2020, he served as the mayor of the same nation to help bring about the change.

Even the Punjabi actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh was pleased with this accomplishment, as evidenced by the fact that he posted a picture of it on his Instagram account.

Sikhs across the world face multiple hardships because of religious symbols like the turban, patka, kada, and long hair, among others. However, over the years this is changing. Members of the Sikh community are speaking up for their rights. 

Attaining notable positions in society is a step towards bringing change, and increasing acceptance of Sikhism by members of other cultures and faith.


*Based on an article by Diksha Kapoor, published in PTC Punjabi on 8th July 2020 

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