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The newly named Punjab Avenue is part of a celebration  commemorating the achievements South Asian inhabitants of Queens have made to the city.

Residents celebrate the recognition 

The residents celebrated the thoughtful initiative. Commenting on the same, Adrienne Adams, the then City Councilwoman, said that it was a celebration of the great multicultural mosaic. It is quite important that diverse communities nowadays have themselves as well as their cultures represented through the historical landscape. She further added, “ We see the Punjabi community in every corner of Richmond Hill and our city as a whole.”

Although it was a happy event, Adams reminded everyone that while we are celebrating the ever-changing Queens' neighbourhood, we must not forget that each of us has suffered the loss of loved ones as a result of the epidemic. She then requested that everyone present to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of those who have passed away, saying that each individual embodies a unique thread in the fabric of the community. She said, “Today is a celebration meant to unite. We are one district. We are one people. And we must have unity in our entire community,” 

What people said about renaming 

Assemblyman David Weprin and other prominent residents of the borough, such as members of Queens Community Board 9 and the President of the Sikh Cultural Society Jatinder Singh Boparai, gave statements during the continuation of the ceremony to express their approval of the newly unveiled street sign.

Harpreet Singh Toor, a former president of the Sikh Cultural Society, revealed that the renamed roadway will be called Punjab Avenue. He also mentioned the exact dimensions of the renamed road, saying that Punjab Avenue will begin at 101st Avenue and end at 223rd Avenue.

Appreciating this progressive initiative, Toor said that the reason why the name "Punjab Avenue" was chosen for the street was - As Punjabis they represent the diversity back home in Punjab and at the same time, they represent diversity in Richmond Hill.  “This opportunity, this dream we always carried with us to be part of the fabric of this amazing city,” he said.

Also present and expressing her pride, Jenifer Rajkumar, the Democratic candidate for State Assembly District 38, said she was filled with joy. She said that she was a proud American, and more specifically a proud Punjabi American. Expressing immense joy, Jenifer said that as the first person of Punjabi descent to come close to being elected to the New York State Assembly, coming to celebrate the opening of Punjab Avenue is the best way to commemorate. 

The highlight of the ceremony was when Rajkumar, along with other government officials and prominent members of the community, helped pull down the street covering to expose the brand-new street sign.


*Based on an article by QNS news Team  published on 23th October 2020


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