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A young turbaned Sikh boy walks down the street and hears snickering comments from a random street dwelling antagonist. They say, 'sardar ji, tera bara vaj ge' meaning 'Sardar, the time has struck midnight'. The Sikh boy carries on trying not to give attention to his insulter. Calling out 12 o'clock to Sikhs, especially male turban wearing Sikhs, is a common insult hurled at sardars on a regular basis in India. How is it an insult to say it is midnight? It is said under the assumption that Singh's of old used to do raids at midnight. They are trying to say that Sikhs are wildly violent. Here is our suggestion for how to deal with this insult, as midnight is in actuality no insult at all...


The brief history behind the saying “ Sardar kay Barah Baj Gay or Sardar its 12 o’clock”:-

  1. Whenever, any Mughal used to capture or kidnap any Hindu women, immediately the Sikhs, with the planned  military strategy, used to attack the Mughal camps to liberate Hindu women. The usual time of such attacks  used to be at midnight.

  1. Moreover, the continued success of our ancestors against this sort of injustice made a legend that nobody can win a fight against Sikhs at midnight.

  1. It was foreign invaders and Mughals who coined the phrase “ Sardaro kay Barah Baj Gay” to alert themselves and their fellowmen about the attacks of the Sikhs for justice and humanity which usually used to be at midnight .

Young friends, if any one says to you, “Barah Baj Gay” don’t mind. Just ask him casually, “Does you need any sort of help from us?” If he further ask you about which sort of help, just briefly narrate to him the history behind that saying. Friends, I am sure that gentleman will not make this comment further to anyone.

One more thing, my dear young friends, if any one says you that you are equivalent to twelve people, immediately reply him confidently with politeness “Sir,  with due respect, you have under-estimated me. I am not equal to twelve but the history says that I am equivalent to One Lakh Twenty Five Thousand People. We, and our ancestors, have already proved this many times in past. It’s a recorded history, Sir”.

Thank You and Rabh Rakha.

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