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Press Conference of EcoSikh at Chandigarh
The press conference of EcoSikh was held at Chandigarh on 14th March 2019. The press meet was addressed by a distinguished panel of environmentalists & nature experts from across India. This included Shubhendu Sharma, Founder of 'Afforestt', who left a thriving career job at Toyota, Japan, to follow his passion of creating urban jungles across India. Other who spoke were Charan Singh, EcoSikh Forest Creator from Mumbai, Supreet Kaur, EcoSikh India President, Ravneet Singh, EcoSikh Project Manager, Gaurav Gurjar from Jodhpur, a Jungle Tree Expert with Afforestt, Manjula Sularia, Director, Prasanchetas Foundation, Chandigarh, Harpreet Kaur Bagga, EcoSikh Board Member (Ludhiana) and Ibadat Singh, VP (Ops), Datawind.

EcoSikh creates ‘First Guru Nanak Sacred Forest’ in Bathinda. Shubhendu Sharma, Founder of Afforestt and India’s foremost expert on forest creation spearheaded the creation of this forest in Bathinda at village Gill Patti. EcoSikh and Afforestt will be conducting 10 such workshops in Punjab to revive Punjab’s lost forest cover and create a generation of forest creators and climate warriors. It is now the right time for the community to come forward to show their commitment to the great Guru and practice his message by planting 1 million trees on their lands.EcoSikh India President, Supreet Kaur also launched EcoSikh’s launched newest awareness initiative on air pollution, ‘Breathing Punjab’ in partnership with the US based 350.Org which will be operational in Ludhiana and Chandigarh. This project will be managed by a local NGO, Prasan Chetas Foundation in the tri-city and the EcoSikh team in Ludhiana.


EcoSikh has organized and launched the first ever Guru Nanak Sacred Forest in Bhatinda commemorating the 550th birth-anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. Shubhendu Sharma, Founder of Afforestt and India’s foremost expert on forest creation spearheaded the creation of this forest in Bathinda at village Gill Patti. In a 3-day workshop organised by EcoSikh, over 100 individuals from all over Punjab were taught the Miyawaki Afforestation Methodology. They were trained by Sharma himself and his team while building this 100 sq meter forest by planting 350 trees.


This is the first of its own kind of forest created in the name of Guru Nanak by volunteers and EcoSikh collaborated with Datar Educational and Environmental Trust based in Bhatinda for this initiative.




First ever Guru Nanak Sacred Forest in Bathinda

All of this has happened definitely because of Guru ji’s grace and your noble efforts. So plan today, share with us, register at and make a difference in 2019

Think about more young Sikhs becoming aware about planet’s well-being, more and more gurudwaras running on solar energy, recycling and planting trees becoming an integral part of our sewa.
Care for nature, care for all.

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