Prem Gatha ~ A Tale of Love - Poem

Maa ! An Epic of Boundless Love...


A Tale of Love

Maa ! An Epic of Boundless Love,
That need not in words recount.
Maa ! UnLike the Silent Sun, the Elements,
Expressive in her untold Eloquence.

Each Being here its existence owes
To that  ‘Creator’ on Earth, Maa!
Strifes and Struggles verily Ignores,
That Nurtures, and Nourishes,  Maa !

Maa, The Song of our Ceaseless Breath,
The Catharsis of our Intellect and Purity.
The Ever flowing Blessings for the Soul,
The Charter of our Lives unspent. Maa !

To Forget her Face is beyond all sense,
In Every grain Her Essence is,
In Her, the message of Peace and Bliss,
Her Eternal Love, the Holy Cleanse !

(Translation in English by SikhNet)

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