Over 500 years ago, a young, devoted man arose early in the morning to take his bath in the river and meditate as the sun rose.

As he dipped in the cool waters, his breathing slowed and he sank to the bottom of the riverbed, absorbed in profound contemplation.

For three miraculous days and nights, this man - who would come to be known as Guru Nanak - sat beneath the waters in a state of samadhi. His consciousness expanded to perceive the Universe in its vast complexity.

When he emerged from the waters, he understood the Truth of Creation. That no matter what religion one calls oneself, we are, all of us, sons and daughters of the same Divine One. And to experience God, we must live in that Oneness  - Ek Onkar

Today we celebrate the Prakash of Guru Nanak Dev ji. We commemorate the extraordinary gift of his enlightenment - of how one man, touched by the Divine, began a social and spiritual revolution to free humanity from its bonds of ignorance and prejudice. 

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On this celebration day, we continue our mission to connect millions with Guru Sahib every month, every year. 

This year we have prepared gifts as part of our year end campaign: Bani The Divine Connection. To celebrate Guru Nanak’s Prakash Purab, we have a very special gift for you, a brand new Japji Sahib PDF. 

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On Guru Nanak Dev ji's prakash purab, will you open your heart and share your Dasvandh generously


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