Practicing, Studying, and Writing on Sikhi. 

The next lecture in our SikhNet Scholar Series will be with Dr Simran Jeet Singh

The next lecture in our SikhNet Scholar Series will be with Dr Simran Jeet Singh on January 5th 8.30pm EST. The SikhNet Scholar Series will continue  in 2 parts in 2023 with the first lectures running in January, February and March. 

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As a boy growing up in South Texas, Dr Simran Jeet Singh and his brothers confronted racism daily: at school, in their neighborhood, playing sports, and later in college and beyond. Despite the prejudice and hate he faced, this self-described “turban-wearing, brown-skinned, beard-loving Sikh” refused to give in to negativity. Instead, Singh delved deep into the Sikh teachings that he grew up with and embraced the lessons to seek the good in every person and situation and to find positive ways to direct his energy. These Sikh tenets of love and service to others have empowered him to forge a life of connection and a commitment to justice that have made him a national figure in the areas of equity, inclusion, and social justice.


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In his bestselling book “The Light We Give : How Sikh Wisdom Can Transform Your Life” (Penguin Random House, 2022) Simran lays out how  we can learn to integrate ethical living to achieve personal happiness and a happier life.

The lecture for SikhNet is called: Practicing, Studying, and Writing on Sikhi.  In this session, Simran will reflect on his path in practicing, studying, and writing on Sikhi, including challenges he's faced and lessons he's learned along the way.

Dr Simran Jeet Singh will present his lecture on Jan 5th at 8.30pm EST and it will be available to be viewed live and through replay. PLEASE REGISTER HERE. 

UPCOMING: We will be keeping you updated on all upcoming lectures. The next SikhNet Scholar Series is On February 10th with Amardeep Singh, director of Understanding Guru Nanak through a Docuseries, who will host a discussion on the insights gained from the making of the documentary series: Travel Docuseries Explores Allegories in Guru Nanak’s Janam Sakhi | SikhNet

Amardeep Singh's Docuseries received the coveted Guru Nanak Interfaith Prize awarded by Hofstra University and he was honored at a ceremony at Hofstra on November 14th, 2022.

You can also register for Amardeep Singh's lecture HERE

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