Wake up at 4 am and live each day as if it's your last, dreaming big for a lifetime. Getting up early at Amritvela gives you enough time to plan your day and imagine wonderful dreams. This early start allows you to take things at your own pace, without rushing into the day. You can savour each moment, making it the essence of your entire day. Waking up at Amritvela not only transforms your personal life but also positively impacts your family and work life.

In our fast-paced world, finding time for oneself is a special treat we all wish for but can't always get. Imagine waking up at 4 in the morning, three hours earlier than your usual 7 AM start. Those three hours become your 'me' time. For Sikhs, this is when they engage in their morning Nitnem prayers, bringing them closer to Waheguru (God).

Doing Nitnem in the morning brings inner peace and relaxation. No matter the stress faced during the day, this calmness stays, helping to handle issues calmly. After Nitnem, there's about an hour to finish pending tasks, read the paper, or anything else squeezed into that time. The stress-free atmosphere allows for unhurried activities, and anything unfinished can wait for the next day. Thanks to amritvela, things get done without feeling rushed.

When you take your time in the morning, it means your family can take it easy too. Being unhurried allows for the creation of more special memories with your loved ones. Instead of rushing them because you're running late, you can wake up your family with love. If they're already awake, you can all make breakfast together. Scientifically, starting your day with breakfast makes it better, and families that eat at least one meal together tend to stick together. Spending this morning time with your family lets you know their plans for the day, keeping you in the loop and reducing worries later. While it doesn't guarantee a perfect family life, starting the day early with your family ensures it's better than chaotic days when you're running late. Knowing you've given your family a better start allows you to go to work in peace.

It's much easier to concentrate on work when family concerns aren't on your mind. Every company values an employee who is fully focused and remains composed in tough situations. Waking up early helps you meet these conditions, making your employer happy and putting you in a good mood. This, in turn, creates a positive atmosphere that spreads to your coworkers, making everyone happy. A joyful workplace is something to look forward to, and it also aligns with the Sikh principle of earning an honest living (Kirt). Keeping family stress separate from work and vice versa ensures a harmonious balance between home and professional life.

Amritvela helps bring balance to your life, making you, your family, and your work happier and healthier. By following Amritvela, you can reduce stress and concentrate on what truly matters. Give it a try for a week, waking up at Amritvela to start your day positively. While changes may not happen instantly, with consistent effort, you'll begin to notice a positive difference.

*Based on an article written by Harminder Kaur published on 28th July 2010

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