Poem: Light After The Tunnel

Poignancy in the thoughts. Anomaly in the thoughts. Evolution in the thoughts. Positivity in the thoughts. Time alters. ...

Gloomy clouds. 

Stormy days. 

Blind alleys. 

Life in a maze. 


Dull ambience. 

Pouring eyes. 

Aching heart. 

Hiatus from the goal. 


Turbulence in the mind. 

Darkness in the mind. 

Disturbance in the mind. 

Negativity in the mind. 


Poignancy in the thoughts. 

Anomaly in the thoughts. 

Evolution in the thoughts. 

Positivity in the thoughts. 


Time alters. 

Mind alters. 

Life alters. 

Cosmos alters. 

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