The Plight of the Falun Gong

We pray that human rights activists the world over will join the struggle against organ harvesting

Nasro Mansoor Guru Gobind Singh -- He who turns to Guru Gobind Singh is Saved by Him.

Ezdi Manzoor Guru Gobind Singh -- the power of God is within Guru Gobind Singh… The Lord God Almighty always Helps Guru Gobind Singh….

Our dearest Light, Guru Gobind Singh, fought oppression and tyranny head on. Never fearing an empire or powerful states. We, his disciples, look to his inspirational life through the times his family sacrificed their lives and handfuls of warriors fought terrible tyrannical regimes. And we, his disciples, seek in earnest to help those in the world facing abhorrent abuse in the spirit of our Sikhi that faces evil head on with its goodness.

The Falun Gong have been persecuted for years now by China and we, as Sikhs, can use our voices and our strength to educate people about the persecution they face by such a powerful country. The Falun Gong are an ancient Chinese spiritual discipline in the Buddhist tradition. They are being persecuted en masse by the Chinese authorities. They are being imprisoned and then the political prisoners’ organs are used for selling organs on the transplant market. Their political prisoners are often tortured to death. It is the most gruesome ‘Forced Organ Harvesting’ one can imagine. Falung Gong followers have been incarcerated and used for forced organ harvesting and there are large numbers of them in detention.

The Sikhs across the world must raise awareness of this issue, stand with the Falun Gong, and in this day and age of major trade deals with China pending, as with India, bring to parliamentary notice and parliamentary pressure the terrible persecution of these people.

I had the privilege of standing with elderly Falun Gong, handfuls holding banners in Vancouver while visiting relatives. And their biggest problem is communication, trouble getting petitions and volunteers, all of which the Sikhs, who have seen mass persecution in the Sikh genocide in India, can understand.

I couldn’t believe how tireless they were in trying to get people to sign petitions - elders, a few young people... how hoarse their voices pleading with petitioners get. When we, as did the whole Sikh nation, pleaded with people to sign the petition to get Professor Bhullar freed from the huge miscarriage of justice that ended up with him on death row in India, it was sometimes so hard to get strangers on streets to stop and listen. Still the Sikhs in each city across the world, from handfuls grew and grew resulting in the first British cross-party back bench debate about India’s need to abolish the death penalty, in 2012 and 2013. With major parliaments across the world having MPs and Sikh activists tirelessly campaigning. Amazing people like Graham Watson, a senior spokesperson on human rights in The European Parliament, condemned the fate of Professor Bhullar:

Eventually, after ten years of lobbying, ceaseless campaigning , and despite what was going to amount to judicial murder, Professor Bhullar’s death sentence was removed. We Sikhs can use our voices, ourr ceaseless ability to campaign to fight injustice in honour of our dear Guru Gobind Singh’s sacrifices and his Light, to help the Falun Gong who are being direly persecuted.

The impact on the West is  transplant tourism -- where patients are flying to China for a quick transplant and unwittingly become complicit in this torture and detention of political prisoners. Furthermore all of our healthcare systems could be complicit as well. Major lobbying of the medical agencies, including your own health care system needs to be done.

70-100 million people were practising Falun Gong by 1999 in China. The former Communist Party leader, Jiang Zemin, perceived its popularity as a threat to the party’s total control. A violent multi-billion dollar campaign to eradicate the Falung Gong was launched in July 1999. Hundreds of thousands are still detained in prisons across China. The Falun Gong seek that Jiang Zemin be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

China and India are in ascendancy as important trading partners to Western countries. As these so-called trading deals take place, it is important to make sure each country’s human rights record and evolution is taking place. Lungs are sold for 150,000 dollars, corneas, for 30,000 dollars. Billions of dollars are being made by Chinese government officials and state institutions.

Key human rights figures such as David Matas, International human rights lawyer and author of "State Organs, Transplant Abuse in China" David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State and Crown Prosecutor and both co authors of the investigative report ‘Bloody Harvest: Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China’ along with Nobel Peace Prize nominees, have condemned this abhorrent persecution of the Falun Gong.

We pray that the armies of disciples of Guru Gobind Singh join action to condemn the heinous crimes being committed in political persecution and torture of the Falun Gong and that the Chinese state, wherever countries are dealing with them, are exposed in their persecution of this group of people. We pray that those who are associated with medical groups and institutions related to medical, pharmacy, education can create groups that will expose the heinous area that transplant tourism could fall into- i.e., the use of organs from torture victims in China.


Please get in touch with your city’s Falun Gong’s chapter, or set one up and get people aware of their plight.

Ground breaking report: An Update to Bloody Harvest and The Slaughter was released in June 2016.

Watch: Human Harvest, the movie, Hard to Believe, the movie

Write to the Prime Minister of your country, the foreign secretary, your members of parliament….Your health care system.

End Organ Pillaging:

This older article shows the terrible torture Falun Gong are subjected to: "China's Falun Gong crackdown: 'The persecution is almost underground'"


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