PERU Welcomes the 10th Lord of Miracles Tour in Honor of Guru Ram Das

In this third city of this wonderful 10th Lord of Miracles Tour, we land in Lima, Peru to a warm reception by the wonder...

Peru is a magnificent country. It is considered to be the shoulders of the South American continent. To the west lies the shimmering Pacific Ocean. Traveling eastward brings you to the beautiful Andes Mountains and Andean culture of the Incas. As you continue to go further east you come to the Amazonia area, the beautiful jungle of Peru rich in indigenous culture. Its history goes back thousands of years incorporating the Incas and pre-Incan civilizations as well as Tiawanaco and many civilizations that have been lost over the years. Peruvian culture has a rich Spanish heritage and is very colorful and rich in art. Their crafts, food, sterling silver, gold, weavings, and paintings include a lot of Spanish influence from the 16th, 17th & 18th centuries as well. In this third city of this wonderful 10th Lord of Miracles Tour, we land in Lima, Peru to the warmth of the reception of the wonderful Peruvian sangat.

We were received by Guru Tera Singh, Guru Tera Kaur, Santokh Kaur, Devmurti Kaur and Guru Simran Kaur. This beautiful panj received us with so much love and affection and with the biggest smiles on their faces. They could not wait to tell us what a grand program they had put together to honor the 10th Lord of Miracles Tour in Honor of Guru Ram Das. And as you will see, grand indeed!

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At the class for the Air Force Hospital roughly 60 doctors and medical staff attended and learned how to meditate on the breath. This was one of two classes to the military of Peru.

Our first event took us to a Lord of Miracles first - the Peruvian Air Force Hospital. The warm and respectful reception by the Air Force officers, doctors and nurses was most welcoming. During our 90 minute seminar they were taught how to eliminate their stress and increase their vitality through breath meditations and the wonderful power of Gurbani Kirtan. By the time we were finished everyone was elevated, appreciative and wanting more.

From the Air Force we were taken to Villa Capri, a wonderful Pizza restaurant south of Lima. There the entire Peruvian sangat welcomed us to our traditional pizza dinner. For all of us on the tour we often think of it not only as a Guru Ram Das Tour but also a Pizza tour!

335135_10151089522967877_1683144120_o (231K)
The auditorium at the Navy was filled with officers of different ranks who all learned to meditate on the breath while listening to Shabd Guru.

After an evening in the wonderful museum Residence of our hosts Guru Tera Singh and Guru Tera Kaur and their 2 wonderful daughters, the next day we found ourselves with the Peruvian Navy. There we met with several hundred officers of all ranks and taught them how to balance their life through their breath. For almost 2 hours they listened, meditated, did pranayam all the while to the beautiful kirtan of Sat Kirn Kaur and Snatam Kaur. It is truly a miracle of Guru Ram Das that we have been able to penetrate these bastions of conservative Peruvian society and government. More and more, the world is coming to realize that the only therapy for stress is the breath to recharge your energy, strengthen your nervous system and meditation to clear the mind. And to do it all to Kirtan - Wahe Guru!

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Gurubachan Singh (center) gave a short class to the staff of Guru Tera Singh (2nd from right) at his margarine factory. Afterwards Swaran Singh Pattar (far right) of Vancouver gave some great business advice on how to incorporate Guru into one's business practice.

Following the morning lecture, we had the privilege of visiting Guru Tera Singh's factory. He is the largest manufacturer of margarine in the country and every year we sit with his staff and discuss how kundalini yoga can serve their needs.

220253_10151089527002877_1904106180_o (255K)
The main lecture event in Lima, Peru where the Guru brought 1,200 people together in this auditorium to learn to meditate, tranquilize the mind and bring the light of Shabd Guru to their lives. It was amazing to say the least to have so many people meditating in unison.

That evening we held the Lord of Miracles Tour lecture in an incredible auditorium filled with nearly 1200 people. Gurubachan Singh led them through three meditations that would serve them in keeping a steady mind during times of change in the world. We were all surprised when we walked into the auditorium to see that it was filled to capacity and that people from every walk of life had come to listen and learn while meditating on their breath. Their smiling faces and radiant presence at the end was testimony to their discipline while performing the mediations. When you see the pictures you will understand the magnitude of this great seva.

209775_10151089531452877_223920952_o (260K)
Gurubachan Singh leads a group of women at a women's shelter in the impoverished sector of Lima in a meditation on Waheguru. Before the class almost everyone had a sad spirit but to see them after the Waheguru meditation was like seeing a new group who overjoyed with ecstasy.

240682_10151089533342877_283886514_o (231K)
The women from the shelter now in ectasy!

The following day we went to a healing center that is primarily for the indigenous people of Lima, Peru called Naga Nagly. At the shelters they primarily serve men and women with low/no income and give them psychological training, provide meals, and give them general health care. It is a community service for members of that area. Naga Nagly was started by two catholic nuns, sisters from Canada and Australia, and the work that they have done has been such a blessing in the community. From there we taught different breath meditations for them to not only handle their stress but to heal other people through their touch and their prayer. Of course all of this was done to the different shabads that they would listen to while meditating. Gurubachan noticed during the first meditation that the participants were really 'sad and depressed'. Noticing this he immediately had them chant "Wahe Guru" for 31 minutes nonstop. Within minutes the entire frequency of the room changed and the participants were smiling beyond belief, felt uplifted and mentally relieved. This was another great testimonial on the power of the Shabad Guru. It is amazing to see how so much takes place on this wonderful Lord of Miracles Tour.

Later that evening, we were able to meet with many of Peru's police families and talk to them about how to handle stress and how to handle the changes in the world. The policemen and their families participated at a very special police hospital that served not only the police force but the greater community. There, to the sounds of Snatam Kaur's and Sat Kiran Kaur's music, people left feeling light and grateful.

277632_10151089519857877_1835941454_o (219K)
A Colonel (right) and his Lieutenant (left) sit in meditation while listening to Shabd's.

471102_10151089521587877_398149969_o (47K)
A picture of joy after the class with the Air Force with the Peruvian flag in the background.

289393_10151089523222877_1947527089_o (252K)
Navy officers during one of the meditations perfect the posture.

272190_10151089525377877_97828172_o (253K)
A beautiful group photo after the class, everyone was ecstatic to have participated in the first Kundalini Yoga class for the Peruvian Navy.

56957_10151089527827877_333580037_o (326K)
Another shot at the auditorium while the participants sit in posture.

277333_10151089528677877_1387139441_o (228K)
This is Peru in deep meditation.

622869_10151089529217877_1200671331_o (224K)
Gurubachan Singh regally sits in front of the class while Guru Ram Das Ji and Siri Singh Sahib Ji make their loving presence known by subtly orchestrating every facet of the evening.

As many of you have followed us throughout the years, food is such a big part of the tour and Peru is such an interesting culture. It has an incredible cuisine that you find in Peru and nowhere else. And throughout the entire tour, the members of the community would take us to many special places to enjoy this cuisine. However on our final night, the entire sangat was welcomed to the personal hospitality at the home of Guru Simran Kaur and Miguel. The sangat invited the entire tour to a wonderful get-together celebrating the success of the tour and the enjoyment of being able to participate and work with one-another in a way of providing these social services to the Peruvians. As a result of the tremendous success, all of us of the tour were able to participate in helping to fund the surgery of an adult who has never before been able to sit up. And at the class of 1200 people, we had over a hundred requests asking where they can find out more information on meditating, yoga and the beautiful kirtan music. And when you add it all up, it was a most beautiful experience for all who were able to participate. Peruvians are a beautiful people, most hospitable, very gracious, loving, warm, and interestingly, wherever you travel, they all have smiles. They have welcomed the tour for the last 9 years. One of the biggest festivals of the Catholic Church is held in Lima, Peru. However, even though they are very lovingly catholic, they have embraced Guru Ram Das.


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