Dera Santpura Danna, rooted in the village of Danna, Muzaffarabad, traces its historical continuum through dedicated spiritual leaders such as Sant Bhai Daya Singh, Sant Bhai Gurmukh Singh, Sant Bhai Khushal Singh, Sant Bhai Gurdit Singh, and Sant Bhai Gurbax Singh. This legacy unfolds as a tapestry of arduous journeys, community engagement, and the propagation of Sikhism.

Sant Bhai Gurbax Singh emerges as a pivotal figure during the 1947 holocaust, demonstrating sagacious leadership by guiding Sikhs amidst turmoil, establishing a temporary airport in Poonch, and contributing significantly to refugees' resettlement. His enduring commitment to education, martial Sikh art, and prolific writing solidified his multifaceted legacy. Sant Bhai Tejwant Singh assumed leadership in 2012, steering Dera Santpura Danna with profound knowledge and a commitment to holistic development. 

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Under his guidance, recent initiatives, including the construction of 'Gurdwara Guru Arjan Dev Ji' and 'Sant Bhai Gurbax Singh Danna International School and Gurmat Vidyalaya and Khoj Kendra at Marh Bagh underscore the continued evolution of the institution.

Educational initiatives at  Gurmat Vidyalaya and Khoj Kendra aim to provide comprehensive knowledge of Guru Granth Sahib, Kirtan, Katha Vichar, and Sikh History to economically disadvantaged boys. 


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This includes free education, hostel facilities, and coverage of all expenses for students from 6th to 9th class in SGSD International School Domana.  The institution emphasizes regular Gurmat camps as a strategic initiative to impart a foundational understanding of Sikhism's principles and elucidate crucial events in Sikh history.  Distinguished personalities, including katha vachak, kirtaniyas, and parcharaks from J&K, other states, and SGPC, are actively engaged to enrich the educational experiences of the students.

The recent three-day Gurmat camp, organized under the meticulous guidance of Sant Tejwant Singh ji, witnessed active participation from over 100 students. Renowned speakers contributed to fostering a deeper understanding of Gurmat principles, Sikh heritage, and instilled virtuous moral values. The camp's success is underscored by positive interactions, comprehensive review sessions, and the distribution of certificates and medals, leaving an indelible mark on shaping the understanding of Sikhism among the youth. Dera Santpura Danna, through its historical continuity and contemporary initiatives, stands as a beacon for nurturing Sikh spirituality, education, and service. The institution's commitment to instilling values and imparting knowledge remains steadfast, contributing significantly to the holistic development of the Sikh community.

Jasbir Singh Sarna

Jasbir Singh Sarna

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