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Fear of failing. 

Fear of losing. 

Fear of pain. 

Fear of change. 


Bondage of fear. 

Shackles of fear. 

Ugliness of fear. 

Impediments of fear. 


An unstable world causes fear. 

The evolving world causes fear. 

The enticing world causes fear. 

The ephemeral world causes fear. 


Winning the invincible, 

Overcoming the dauntless fear. 

Life of freedom. 

Life of bliss. 


Fearlessness is limitless. 

Fearlessness is boundless. 

Fearlessness is ceaseless. 

Fearlessness is seamless. 


Fearlessness comes from enlightenment. 

Fearlessness comes from knowledge. 

Fearlessness comes from spirituality. 

Fearlessness comes from divinity. 

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