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A fulfilling and spiritually uplifting new year 2021 to all my nearest and dearest ones.

If 2020 was hard for you, I feel that the lessons which it had for us have not been fully understood yet. 2021 is another opportunity to absorb the lessons we need to learn. I don't think it is going to be an easy year physically and materially. There will be more deaths and mayhem to come. 

We yearn for our physical and materialistic well being whereas 2020 was about our spiritual progress. 2021 is one more opportunity. No amount of psychiatric or emotional counselling is going to provide that. The answer is to reach within and get in touch with your inner self, your spirit or your soul - whatever name you call that infinite aspect of your being by. 

Meditation, Simran, reaching within are your answers for this phenomena of pandemic 'fear' which is pervading humanity at present. Look for your answers and solutions within.

In short, cut back on your 'wants'. Focus on your basic 'needs'. And reach within. Best of luck and happy Sikhing in 2021.

For SYA participants of the Family Camp in Jan. 2020, do not forget to review your 5 year plan which you put into operation at the beginning of 2020. Does it need reviewing, reassessing? Is it progressing or have you forgotten all about it? Mine is fully operational and progressing as I had envisaged, pandemic or not!

Guru dhi meher to all.

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