New Calligraphy Style Gurmukhi Font

Just release! Beautiful new Gurmukhi Calligraphy Style Font (Prabhki)

A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post about my interest in making a handwritten computer font style of Gurmukhi Calligraphy. While my excitement was there and I received emails from a few people who could hand write Gurbani Calligraphy, I didn't have the time to make it happen.

A few days ago I was excited to receive an email from a Albel Singh  from England whose love for hand writing Gurbani resulted in the creation of the all new Prabhki Calligraphy style font! Once you have installed this font on your computer you can use it do display Gurbani text in a very beautiful way. It opens up a whole new door to creativity with how Gurbani is displayed in the digital world.

Albel Singh shared how the font idea came about...

"My schooling was in India. One of the kirtaniya use to get hand written Gurbani Shabads written  for him to do kirtan and to keep them on harmonium, this gave me bit of practice, then I practised writing and on our 2nd wedding Anversarry gifted my wife a handwritten Hukumnama Sahib of our wedding. Its amazing feeling to write Gurbani, you loose track of time. Then one day someone asked which font is this, that gave me the idea to make a computer font."

The "Prabhki" font is named after his recent newborn daughter (Prabhki Kaur). This font is hopefully just the start of many more Gurbani Hand written font styles!

In this age of technology it is important that we nourish and explore the creativity that is inside each of us. We all have the creative capacity to manifest beautiful things. Whether it is in words, art, websites, fonts, or any form of creative expression. So, if you have been thinking about doing something creative for a while and have been putting it off. Don't hold back and just flow with it and see what manifests!

Download the Prabhki Gurmukhi Font

Instructions on how to install a font in windows


This font uses the same key map as Gurbani Lipi fonts

Update: I just found out that another Stylized Gurbani Font was created by Paul Grosse. There are actually a few different font selections to choose from and quite a bit of information about the font. View and Download this font here.

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