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Sikh organisations have been giving all kinds of help during the pandemic crisis for the past year, which backs up the idea that the community has a big heart. In another heartwarming move, Nanded's Gurudwara Takht Shri Hazoor Sahib, one of Sikhism's five takhts, said it will give all the gold it has collected over the past 50 years to help build hospitals and other medical facilities.

Takht Jathedar Sant Baba Kulwant Singh made the announcement. He said that people from Nanded have to run to Hyderabad or Mumbai to get medical care right now. He said that these kinds of hospitals should be built in Nanded so that people would have to travel from other states to get care.

About the Nanded gurudwara 

Hazur Sahib, also called Takht Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib, is one of the five takhts in Sikhism. Its name means "presence of the sahib" or "master." Maharaja Ranjit Singh built the gurdwara between 1832 and 1837. It is situated in the city of Nanded in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is on the banks of the Godavari River.

The gurudwara is built on the spot where Guru Gobind Singh Ji passed away. Sach-Khand is the name of the gurdwara inside the complex (Realm of Truth). The inner room of the gurdwara is called the Angitha Sahib, and it was built on the spot where Guru Gobind Singh ji was cremated in 1708.

This shrine is different from other historical Sikh places of worship because all of the old traditions that were done at the time of the Guru are still done there. For example, priests and local devotees still put sandalwood tilak on their foreheads.

The most important thing about this holy place of worship is that it has two sanctum sanctorum. All the work is done by the priests in the outer room. The inner room is a vault where the Guru's most valuable possessions, weapons, and other personal items are kept. This holy vault can only be entered by the head granthi.

The reason behind the initiative

In a statement, Sant Baba Kulwant Singh said that a prominent figure within the Sikh community has called for a shift in priorities towards the development of individuals rather than the adornment of buildings. The speaker noted that while much effort has been put towards the embellishment of structures such as gurdwaras and other edifices with gold, it is now time to focus on honing and preparing Gursikhs. This can be achieved by providing excellent education in schools and ensuring that Gursikhs hold high positions in society. 

He further added that the ultimate aim is to please Sri Kalgidhar Patshah, who will be pleased to see the Khalsa reach these positions. In addition to this, the speaker also expressed their belief that a hospital or medical college should be built, indicating a desire to improve the health and well-being of their community. These sentiments reflect a call for a renewed emphasis on human development and social progress, rather than the materialistic aspects of religious practice.

The Sikh temple in Maharashtra serves as an exemplary model of selfless devotion for other religious organisations. There is much to be learned from the Sikh community, which teaches us the importance of sevadharma (religion).


*Based on an article published in MoneyLife on 21st May 2021

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