Mississauga’s Seva Food Bank Launches Home Delivery Service

[VIDEO] “With the Seva Food Bank home delivery program, we will be able to bring healthy foods right to the door of indi...

Mississauga’s Seva Food Bank is asking community members to support its new home delivery service to help vulnerable clients maintain their independence, health and ensure quality of life.

The food bank, which provides culturally appropriate food to low-income families in Mississauga, launched home deliver pilot program in July. The new service is expected to be fully operational in December.

“With the Seva Food Bank home delivery program, we will be able to bring healthy foods right to the door of individuals and families who are struggling to get to our food bank,” said Sabina Husain, client program coordinator. “For our clients dealing with isolation and mental health, we will strive to provide socialization and support. Providing clients with monthly groceries means they will have the ability to cook and won't have to rely on unhealthy processed fast food.”

She said the program will allow clients to maintain their health, independence and ensure quality of life.

The food bank presently serves 10 families a month. The figures are expected to go up to 40 families every month once the program is fully operational. Each delivery cost $50, which includes dedicated staff for delivery, gas, van maintenance, supplies for carrying out the deliveries and special food items for clients with specific dietary needs.

The total annual cost of the program is calculated to be around $20,000.

Husain said the program is necessary because many community members are unable to access the food bank due to mobility issues, physical disabilities, chronic illness, age, isolation and mental health.

“Food is a basic right and shouldn't be denied to anyone,” said Husain.

She said the community’s support and contribution to the program will not only fund the essential logistics, but it will also help most vulnerable clients to become self-sufficient.

Established in 2010, Seva Food Bank presently operates from Wolfedale and Malton locations in Mississauga and has created a community of clients, volunteers, donors and staff. All together, each month it receives over 600 families and provides over 40,000 pounds of food and a variety of support services. 

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