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Tan Desi Confronts PM Boris Johnson in U.K. Parliament regarding Islamophobia

Tan Desi Speaks Out Against Islamophobia

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi was elected as the MP for Slough, winning in the 2017 General Election with a 17,000 majority, thereby becoming the first ever turbaned Sikh in any European Parliament.

In Parliament, Tan Dhesi is a member of the House of Commons Select Committee for Housing, Communities and Local Government; he is the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group campaigning for a Western Rail Link to Heathrow; he is a delegate member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and he has spearheaded the campaign for National Sikh War Memorial.

Tan Dhesi served as Slough’s MP from 2017 until Parliament was dissolved and the UK General Election called. He is now the current candidate for the Labour Party for Slough UK.

Tan Dhesi has raised awareness on issues such as mental health, knife crime, advocating for domestic violence charities, and calling for more youth services and education. These efforts will help reduce knife crime, as well as ensuring there are enough police officers on Slough streets.

Tan Dhesi has promoted work towards community cohesion and serving the vulnerable in the town. Amongst numerous questions he has asked in Parliament, perhaps the most well-known is his impassioned questioning of the Prime Minister on the issue of discrimination against minorities.

Tan Dhesi has raised in Parliament the serious allegations of torture and confession under duress of Jagtar Singh Johal. From the outset asking for a fair and due process for unhindered legal access, unhindered consular access, and an independent medical examination and investigation.

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