In the Khalsa Panth, Mata Bhag Kaur ji (Mai Bhago)is remembered with great reverence. Mata Bhag Kaur Ji teaches us to go beyond just caring about stuff and become someone that history will always remember. She's the only woman in Sikh history who got the special job of being Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Bodyguard because she was a great sister who stood by her brothers in battle. Let's be like Mata Bhag Kaur Ji by trusting our brothers, doing what's right, and never leaving the side of Guru Ji.

Mata Bhag Kaur Ji was born into a Sikh family, and her family embraced Sikhism during the time of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Despite having the right to join battles for Guru Ji as a Sikh, Mata Ji chose a different path, honouring her role as a sister.

Instead of taking up arms, Mata Ji stayed behind, fulfilling her responsibility to take care of the family. She supported her brothers (referred to as Singhs) in going to battle. Being a sister, according to Mata Ji, means believing in your brother and providing strength and support. It's not about fighting for rights or accusing others of inequality; rather, it's about empowering your brother to make the right choices. Mata Ji, through her actions, teaches us the importance of supporting our brothers rather than doing things for them.

Mata Ji stayed at home while her brothers went with Guru Ji. When they returned, she took quick action. Mata Ji made her brothers realize their mistake of leaving Guru Ji and guided them back to him. Instead of joining the women to fight, she helped her brothers understand and overcome their errors. Being a sister means caring for others, not just oneself. In this world, where selfishness prevails, we should follow Mata Ji's example and think beyond ourselves.

Similarly, like Mata Bhag Kaur Ji, we should guide our brothers back to Waheguru so they can make amends. Just like the 40 martyrs, they can regain Guru Ji's love and find a place in the presence of Waheguru. By doing so, not only will the brothers win Guru Ji's love, but also the sisters, just like Mata Ji did.


*Based on an article written by Harminder Kaur published in on 12th July 2010


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