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Manika Kaur is a multi-talented artist who is making waves around the world as the foremost performer of 'Kirtan' music. Kirtan is a type of music that involves singers reciting or narrating spiritual ideas, devotion to a deity, or a legend's story in a call-and-response style. This genre of music aims to uplift our spirits, and its devotional language and chanting can open our hearts and minds. Kirtan music has been incorporated into different practices such as meditation and yoga to enhance their spiritual energy.

Manika’s kirtan music 

Manika Kaur has achieved great success in the music industry by breaking down barriers of language and genre. Her music, which is rooted in the Sikh community, has resonated with people all over the world. Kaur made history by becoming the first artist to place Kirtan music on the European World Music Charts and her music videos have garnered millions of views.

Kaur's album 'Ek', which was released in 2021, showcases her unique sound and her charitable works, while also expanding her audience. The album features rare instruments from around the world and blends Eastern and Western musical styles. Kaur collaborates with some of London's best producers to create a balance that unites the audience through her music. As one of the few female artists in the Kirtan music genre, Kaur continues to capture diverse audiences and expand the world of Kirtan music. 'Ek' includes 11 tracks, each highlighting a rare musical instrument. Kaur's mesmerising vocals convey beautiful energy, showcasing the strength of her spirituality through her music.

Her melodious contributions 

The album features different tracks, each with a unique sound and emotion. Some, like 'Hay Gobind Hay Dayal', 'Liberate Me', and 'Sant Paee', have a rhythmic sound that exudes hope and positivity in devotion and faith. Others, like 'Magic Mantra', 'Waheguru Nanak Guru', and 'Sri Harkrishan', delve deeper into spirituality and convey a sense of yearning and strength. Meanwhile, tracks like 'Your Light Ignites', 'Liberate Me', and 'Ocean Of Virtue' have a softer sound that provides comfort and a sense of belonging.

The album showcases Kaur’s  sincerity and versatility as an artist and person. The final track, 'Deh Shiva', brings together the themes of the other tracks and offers even more. The album's title, 'Ek', represents Kaur's effort to transcend barriers and bring people together through music. Manika Kaur's unique approach to Kirtan music sets her apart and captures the hearts of listeners around the world.


*Based on an article by Swati Ramaswamy, published in India Currents on 23th July 2021


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