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Malaya, the Land for which I Spilt My Blood Too.

"In Gratitude to those who died because they believed that Malayans would always wish to live in freedom..."

Malaya, Tanah Tumpah nya Darah Ku, Juga.

Many thousands gave their lives but not in Vain

WingCommander (222K)

Co-written by Harprabhjeet Singh Bedi

In Humility, because this soil will be dedicated to the memory of thousands of Malayans and their friends who sacrificed their lives that we might live;
"In Pride because all those who died during the Emergency have set a lasting example of loyalty and devotion to duty to the people and to the nation;
"In Gratitude to those who died because they believed that Malayans would always wish to live in freedom and in a way of life of their own choice;
"In Honour of those who died because they are an inspiration to all of us and future generations because of the spirit of liberty for which they fought so that this nation can endure in peace and happiness."
-Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

The blood spilled by those who rallied to defend the country (then called Malaya) against communist terrorists during the Malayan Emergency will never be forgotten. They fought with unquestioning valour and loyalty, winning some of the highest bravery awards. We must be gratitude to those who died that so we could live in freedom.

In June 1948 Communist terrorists launched a campaign of murder, arson and destruction on the Federation of Malaya. Their aim was to disrupt the economic life of the country, in still fear into the hearts and minds of the people and then seize power. The Communists failed because the people of Malaya refused to be intimidated or to accept a doctrine which is repugnant to them. The shooting war caused a loss of more than 11,000 lives, costing the nation more than $1,470,000,000 to fight the terrorist alone.

Malayan Races Liberation Army' struck terror throughout the length and breadth of the country, indiscriminately killing men, women and small children, destroying thousands of rubber trees, burning down buildings, buses, lorries and other vehicles, derailing trains and goods wagons and cutting telephone and telegraph wires. Their aim was to disrupt the economic life of the country, in still fear into the hearts and minds of the people and then seize power.

Since the outbreak of the Malayan Emergency since 1948 many Sikhs and other Indian Nationals fought and died for the freedom of Malaya (now Malaysia). They fought with unquestioning valour and loyalty, winning some of the highest bravery awards. Despite being the largest colonial military contingent, their contribution to military engagement is almost completely forgotten. Their contribution to Malaya's military engagement is almost completely forgotten. This is their testimony to their gallantry and glorious deeds.

Throughout Malaya during the Malayan Emergency there are about 145 to 150 highly trained police jungle squads ready to go into action at any time against bandits and terrorists. Typical of these squads consists of personnel include Malays, Sikhs and Punjabi Muslims drawn from the regular police force and assisted by Chinese detectives. Wherever there's a trouble that's where you will find them.

This is the story of Inspector Katar Singh I/530 of Jungle Squad unit who was killed by the communist bandits on 12th July 1949 near Rawang, Malaysia. He and his men put up a brave fight against the raiders who outnumbered them by about seven to one. Katar Singh and his men refused to surrender until their ammunition ran out. Inspector Katar Singh was killed and his eyes were gouged out by the communist.

Inspector Katar Singh was leading his jungle squad up a hill west of Bukit Munchong Estate a few miles North of Rawang on 12th July 1949. He and his jungle squad were carrying out their second police operation for the day. They were ambushed by communist bandits from a very close range. Insp. Katar Singh and his men fought bravely until their ammunition had run out.

Inspector Katar Singh, a sergeant and six other policemen had been killed, two others have been wounded and the remnants of the squad broke off the battle and dispersed to the jungle.

Inspector Katar Singh and his men were killed by multiple shots of Bren gun fire, their bodies were mutilated by the communists. Inspector Singh's eyes were gouged out. The communists told his in-laws in far off Kluang, Johor, "Harimau Sudah Mati" (The Tiger is dead!) even before the old folks got word from their daughter, Balwant Kaur w/o Insp. Katar Singh.

The dead included Six Sikhs, one Punjabi Muslim and one Malay. Two other policemen were wounded.''

To honour all those who died or suffered in the Emergency (1948-1960), The National Monument in Kuala Lumpur is erected to dedicate to their sacrifice. Altogether, more than 1,800 members of the security forces were killed and many thousands wounded by Communist terrorists who for 12 years had put an end to democracy in Malaya.

"In what finer way can we show our gratitude to those who died in the Emergency than by devoting our time and energies, our thoughts and purpose to the creation of a nation such as they would have wanted it to be.

"Their sacrifice is our heritage; our remembrance is their reward. Their duty and devotion, their patriotism and service shine like a bright flame:- Tuanku Abdul Rahman - The First Prime Minster of Malaya.

Crp.TaraSingh (101K)Corporal Tara Singh awarded the colonial Police Medal for gallantry in December . Who was one of the eight members of Rawang Police Jungle Squad killed in a bandit ambush

[email protected]

Resources :
1) Malaya's Secret Police 1945-60: The Role of the Special Branch in the Malayan Emergency By Dr. Leon Comber
2) Royal Malaysian Air Force
3) Harimau Sudah Mati - Harchand Singh Bedi https://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/The_Tiger_is_dead
4) Royal Malaysian Police Museum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Malaysian_police_officers_killed_in_the_line_of_duty

Description for the header image:
Malayan Police Jungle squad forming up outside central Police station High Street, (December 1948) Kuala Lumpur before leaving on a jungle operation.Photo Courtesy of Dr. Leon Comber.

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