Maa De Farz ~ Part 10

This tenth part of the Series, continues to elaborate on the third farz of a mother: what to do once a child is born.

Sep 28, 2018: In this tenth part of the Maa De Farz Series, Bhai Guriqbal Singh Ji continues to elaborate on the third farz of a mother: what to do once a child is born.

After Baba Jujhar Singh Ji’s Aagman…

It’s written in the Twarik Khalsa that Baba Ram Kiyor Ji, from Baba Buddha Ji’s lineage, was instructed to recite Japji Sahib Paath over a cup of water and then give some of that water to Sahibzaada Jujhar Ji. This is a type of Gurti. Bhai Guriqbal Singh Ji shared more in-depth about Gurti in a previous katha, and we wrote more at-length about it in this post.

Afterwards, a Sehaj Paath was started and completed in 13 days. On the 13th day, Guru Gobind Singh Ji said to Mata Jeeto Ji (mother of Baba Jujhar Singh Ji, Baba Zoravar Singh Ji, and Baba Fateh Singh Ji) “Today, when you bathe the baby for the first time, do it in such a way that honors where He came from. Remember where He comes from? Sangat’s blessings. Therefore, take the water that was used to wash the feet of the Sangat and use the charan dhoor of from the Sangat, add it to water, and use that to bathe Him.”

In one simple act, Guru Gobind Singh Ji demonstrated powerful concepts: 1) this child was born from the blessings of Sangat, and whenever someone blesses us, we shouldn’t ever forget them (the Ultimate Entity and Giver of Gifts is Guru Sahib Ji); 2) Jujhar Singh will always remain in service of those who gave the blessings (i.e. Guru Sahib Ji and Sangat); and 3) that the dust of the feet of Sangat is pure enough to bathe His newborn baby, a baby who hailed from Dargah (i.e. already super-duper pure!).

After Baba Buddha Sahib’s Saputar was born…

Baba Buddha Sahib was in Kartarpur with Guru Nanak Sahib Ji when a message arrived that a son was born to Baba Ji. When the sevak brought the news, Baba Buddha Sahib Ji turned to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and said, “A son was born, Maharaj.” Guru Nanak Dev Ji congratulated Baba Ji. Baba Ji continued, “It’s all because of your bakhshish. Please, bless us by coming to visit the newborn. Also, please, if you could arrange whatever celebrations, that would be wonderful. You are Perfect, so everything You do will be Perfect.”

“Of course! And I’ll bring Mata Sulakhni Ji, Baba Sri Chand Ji, Baba Lakhmi Chand Ji, too.”

In fact, a whole slew of Gursikhs ended up accompanying Guru Sahib Ji and taking part in the festivities that Guru Sahib Ji Himself directed and organized. What were those festivities?

K I R T A N.

On the way there, Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave notice to start the kirtan program. Once Guru Nanak Dev Ji arrived, Baba Buddha Ji brought the baby to Guru Nanak Dev Ji and put the baby’s matha on Guru Ji’s feet. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, “Sat Nam Chit Aaveh” which can be translated to “May you always remember God’s Name.” Guru Sahib Ji then gave the hukam to name the baby Bhai Bhanna Ji. In fact, the whole area in which the baby was born became known as Bhai Bhanna Talwandi upon Guru Sahib Ji’s suggestion.

Sant Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib Vale Sakhi

From Katari Pind, there was a man called Tara Singh who come to Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji, Reru Sahib Vale. Tara Singh used to drink the wrong kinds of drink and eat the wrong kinds of food. However, upon listening to Sant Ji’s katha and he started to awaken and he wanted to adopt a Gurmat lifestyle. The energy and effects of Sangat were so strong, that he ended up taking Amrit, too.

After being blessed with Amrit, he said to Sant Ji, “Will you give me a gift?”

Baba Ji said, “What’s that?”

“I want the gift of doing seva for Sangat: I want to bring yoghurt for the Sangat every Wednesday. I can’t do it everyday – but one day a week, I can do it, with full suchham.”

“It’s easy to say, but to actually do seva over a long period of time is very difficult… Think about it…” Sant Ji advised.

Tara Singh shared that if he does seva only once a week, it will give him something to look forward to. After the day of seva, a few days of normal life will pass and then before he knows it, in a few days, the day of his duty will arrive. Those few days before Wednesday (his day to do Seva) will be full of anticipation and excitement!

“Okay, well… If you think you have the enthusiasm and desire now, let’s see you try it.”

Despite having a chronic illness that made his body weak, Tara Singh like clockwork, every Wednesday showed up with yogurt! After some time, Tara Singh said to Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji, “Baba Ji, I don’t have any children and my own body isn’t doing well … Please, kirpa karo.”

Sant Ji said, “Your diseased body can be healed by taking medicine from Guru Gobind Singh Ji.” Sant Ji then told him a way, through Naam and Bani, to heal his body. In other words, Baba Ji gave Tara Singh a new Nitnem. Tara Singh followed Mapurkh’s bachan and his body became healthy! Thereafter, he mentioned (again), “I don’t have any children and my wife is poorly – from the legs down, she’s so weak…” Then he paused and added, “Should I get married again in the hopes of becoming a father?”

Note to readers: the purpose of marriage or an Anand Karaj in Sikhi is NOT to procreate – for more information on the purpose of marriage in Sikhi, see this post. Not having any children with a spouse IS NOT a valid reason to remarry!

Sant Attar Singh Ji laughed at his suggestion and said, “If Guru Gobind Singh Ji can heal you, He can heal your wife, too!” Baba Ji then wrote down the specifics of Tara Singh Ji’s wife’s Nitnem for healing and she followed it to the letter! Of course, she was healed too AND they also had a baby!

When their little baby was born, they went to go thank Sant Ji for showing them the way and for helping them obtain this bundle of blessings. Baba Ji said to name the baby Thakur Singh. Sant Jee subsequently gave a stern warning, “Now, it’s time for your test! Before, your lifestyle, specifically your food and drink, went against Gurmat. Your friends from those days will be coming to congratulate you and will likely demand a party. Be careful!: Because of the birth of your child, don’t throw THAT kind of party in which the rooh of your child wonders in which house has he been sent and begs Guru Gobind Singh Ji to take him back.”

Then Tara Singh Ji asked a very interesting question, “Baba Ji, is there a way that I can stay within Gurmat AND that my old friends won’t get upset with me?”

Baba Ji said, “Yes, there IS a way. As soon as you get home, start an Akhand Paath. Whatever friend and relative comes to give well-wishes and gifts for the birth of your child, tell them, ‘I don’t want this gift – instead, you can bless this child by giving the gift of your time: Please, gift one hour of your time listening to the Akhand Paath and one hour of your time doing Chaur Sahib Seva for Guru Maharaj Jee, while doing Simran. Doing this will bless my child so many times over.’”

Tara Singh Ji then asked, “But what about on the fourth day, the day after the Akhand Paath Bhog..?”

Mahapursh Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji said, “As soon as one ends, begin the next Akhand Paath. Do FIVE (!) in a row.” In doing this, Baba Ji said that people who normally celebrate such occasions out of accordance with Gurmat will be satisfied and they’ll become colored in Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Love. They also will not bother you about a party. Some may even decide to give their heads to Guru Sahib Ji after being in such an environment, listening to Gurbani, and doing Seva for so many days!

Tara Singh followed Bachan and exactly what Sant Ji said would happen is EXACTLY what happened.

The message is clear!

When a baby has been gifted to us by the Giver, the best action we can take is to thank the Giver for His Gifts by remembering Guru Sahib Ji with Gurbani. Not only should we ourselves remember Guru Sahib Ji, we should inspire others to remember Guru Ji as well. Therefore, the coming of a child into our house will not only bless our family once, but many times over because with the coming of the child, we’ll be inspired to Connect with Guru Ji. Not only will we be reminded of our purpose of life, but we’ll help others towards their lives’ purpose too! Of course, this will also help our child towards its purpose of life too.


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