Local Sikh Based Charity Provides Food Aid During Covid-19 Pandemic

Via contactless delivery, the charity's sevadaars (volunteers) have been able to serve hot meals to single mothers,...


SURREY, BC, 2020-03-26 — SAF International, a Canadian based nonprofit organization has been hard at work delivering free food aid to vulnerable individuals across the lower mainland. The food relief initiative in partnership with local businesses began on March 18th, and has served over 400 individuals with 230 of them being young children.

Via contactless delivery, the charity's sevadaars (volunteers) have been able to serve hot meals to single mothers, victims of domestic abuse, elderly citizens living alone, international students, and those out of work as a result of the pandemic.

Their campaign has received much attention with various media outlets reporting on their efforts. Additionally, local celebrity Vikram Vij, owner of My Shanti, generously donated a large portion of meals to the charity's cause.

While SAF is a Sikh-based charity, their support extends far beyond the sangat within the Sikh community.  Around 98% of people who contacted SAF for food aid, were non-Sikh residents.

“Our charity has its roots in Sikhism and we conduct our business in line with Sikh principles, but we do not limit our support to those within the Sikh community. One of the key components of  Sikhism is to offer a selfless service to humanity regardless of race of religion” - Shamandeep Singh (CEO and Founder of SAF International)

This inclusive mentality is evident in their efforts outside of Canada too. SAF International’s flagship program, “Educate A Child” offers schooling to vulnerable children across India and Nepal. This program accepts children from all villages regardless of their race, caste, or religion.

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During this global pandemic, SAF International has been hard at work distributing food aid to these children and their families. Unfortunately, in India, they are facing a much more severe lockdown than Canada, so these care packages, which will last a family 25 days, are a much welcomed source of relief.

SAF’s efforts over the past week or so, reflect the best aspects of humanity during times of crises. If we can all pull together and offer support and compassion, things will return to normal much sooner rather than later.

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