Learning to Live Inside

Staying home both pressurizes us as well as re-sorting our priorities



How as a woman do I wear these 3 robes and manage it all?

With a lot of patience and love and kindness towards myself and towards the others that I’m surrounded by!

I’m so grateful to the world for the time to rest and take a breath and understand what we need to do to be...

At peace...

May Waheguru give us all the strength to dig deep and live with patience and humility!

I am very lucky to be a mother of three angels and raise them in Guru consciousness. Every day they teach me to be kid and live with grace and challenge me more than I can ever imagine...

Kirtan and Gurbani are my most prized treasures when we pray together and meditate we are so in tune with each other and have an amazing day, but when we don’t there is a drastic change in the mood and ambience at home!

I know we must deliver our message to the world but starting at home is the most important and this will lead us to larger steps and we will open our horizon and be able to serve humanity and the world around us with love and grace.

Nanak Naam chardikala
Theray bhannay sarbat da bhalla

Navleen Kaur (March 2020)

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