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On May 3, 2023 I published book #7, The Land of Five Rivers.  A book that teaches historical and geographical facts about Punjab. In this book, the main characters, Simran and Sehaj also gain an understanding of the importance of learning about the very land that not only their family comes from but also where their religion, Sikhism began.  The book is a tribute to the people of Punjab and will help build a foundation of Punjab and its richness.  

Book #7 is one of 6 other books written in the Simran & Sehaj series.  The Simran and Sehaj series is not your average book series.  It contains lessons and messages from Sikhism and the books also target events that impact Punjab, such as the farmer’s protest and the human rights violations occurring in Punjab.  

Why did Dr. Simarjeet K. Sandhu (Dr. Simi) write the Simran and Sehaj books?

Growing up in Maryland, I often went through discrimination from peers, teachers and administrators.  As a 10 year old, I would go classroom to classroom informing students and teachers about who Sikhs are.  As a middle schooler, I was ridiculed by a staff member when he shouted in front of the whole class, "What a stupid religion".  This is just one of many experiences that helped pave my way to becoming a children's author.  

Waheguru had me experience such things, not to make me a ‘bItter’ person, but to shape me into a ‘bEtter’ person. We may look at our trials and tribulations as ‘bad’, but Waheguru always has a plan.  Understanding that plan and following His path is the key.  So it was through Waheguru’s will that I began writing the Simran & Sehaj series.  This series  serves as a mirror and a window.  A mirror for Sikh children who can see themselves in books, and a window for non-Sikhs looking out to learn something new.  

Dr. Simi’s nonprofit organization 

I am the founder of Hands2Inspire, a nonprofit organization that is on a mission to Give Back, Share Knowledge and Raise Awareness. Proceeds from the Simran and Sehaj books go to our academic scholarship fund and community outreach projects. This year we are offering 3 academic scholarships.  Last year, we offered two scholarships that were open to college students nationwide. 

To learn more about Hands2Inspire, visit http://www.hands2inspire.org.

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Information about the books

Book 1:  What is Meditation? We Say Waheguru

Lesson - creating a foundation for Naam Jaapna.

This book has approximately 76 words.  The intention of this book is to create a foundation for how to do Naam Japna (Chant thy name) or Meditation.  When reading this book, have your child look at the pictures.  Ask them how the pictures depict the message of the book.

In order to learn how to correctly implement Naam Japna into our lives, we all need to understand why we do it.  This short book gives an overall summary of how to implement Naam Japna into out everyday lives.

Book 2:  What is Mool Mantra?

Lesson - creating a foundation for Gurbani 

This book contains the Mool Mantra that was created by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Sikh guru.  The pictures in this book also compliment the meaning of the text.  Asking your children follow up questions about what they are learning is key to understanding the power of Mool Mantra.  

Included in this book is a Mool Mantra meditation sung by Dr. Simi.  Listen along to the Mool Mantra when reading the book.

Book 3:  Kisaan

Lesson - addressing the importance of farmers in Punjab and Haryana

This book is about a very special farmer from India, Sardar Maluk Singh Sandhu, who is the grandfather of Dr. Simi.  Learn about facts from Punjab and Haryana.  The book also has comprehension questions in the back.  

Includes glossary and comprehension questions

Book 4:  We Are Sikhs

Lesson - informing readers about the basics of Sikhism. 

This book provides a summary of Sikhism.  This book is intended for educational purposes.  We ask that you share this book with your child’s teachers and administrators.  2021 statistics from the FBI has shown that hate crimes against Sikhs is ranked #2 in the nation, making it very important for us to share with all communities who Sikhs are.  

Includes glossary and comprehension questions

Book 5:  Blizzard of the Century

Lesson - creating an understanding of the importance of patience or sabr

This book teaches about the importance of patience.  Simran and Sehaj learn an important lesson in patience.  This book also follows the guidelines set forth by our spiritual teachers about the importance of being patient in life.  

Includes glossary and comprehension questions

Book 6:  Luke the Rescue Pup

Lesson - informing readers about the importance of respecting the lives of abandoned dogs

This is a true story about Dr. Simi’s pup, Luke.  She wrote this book to inform people about the importance of adopting rescue dogs.  Proceeds from this book have been donated to A Forever Home, the rescue agency that Dr. Simi adopted Luke from.

Includes glossary and comprehension questions

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