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KHOJGURBANI, the online portal devoted to a melding of the minds and creating a Gurbani-centered cyber community complet...

KHOJGURBANI, the online portal devoted to a melding of the minds and creating a Gurbani-centered cyber community completed three years on Vaisakhi, 2017.

With the Guru as Guide and Mentor, KHOJGURBANI was launched to serve as a resource for Sikhi: anyone, Sikh or non-Sikh - wishing to access material and resources is welcome.

Our guiding principle continues to rest on the conviction that every Sikh must commit to a lifelong apprenticeship to the Guru by engaging in a holistic, collaborative and social model of learning that includes inquiry, thought, contemplation and discernment.

Some of the resources that KhojGurbani provides:
Blog: Members can initiate a discussion on a Gurbani topic, or participate in an existing thread.

  • Video Presentations: A repository of over 100 video discussions and presentations on Gurbani: some topics presented recently include: Haumai, Hukam, Sabad, Munn, the Khalsa. 
  • Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Online availability to read Bani and linked to commentaries: 2 in English by Manmohan Singh and Dr Sant Singh Khalsa and 3 in Punjabi by Giani Harbans Singh, Prof Sahib Singh and Bhai Manmohan Singh. This allows the reader to get multiple perspectives.
  • Search Capability with English and Punjabi keyboards
  • Access to Mahan Kosh Encyclopedia.
  • Access to online audio and video media

For three years now, KhojGurbani has held two live weekly online discussionss: one in English, held every Wednesday night at 9:00 pm EST, and the other in Punjabi on Saturday evenings at 5:00 PM.

Last year, we were contemplating a shift on the discussion forums: from specific Banees to a more thematic focus on fundamental concepts in Sikhi. It had become abundantly clear, based on feedback that we needed to converge on meanings of central concepts like Hukam, Sabad, Guru, Haumai, Naam, Sangat – and the interrelationship between them.

This year, we adopted a different approach. Participants were asked to prepare a 30-minute presentation on a topic of their interest and then respond to questions. This format has served us very well. For instance, on each topic, we have multiple presentations from different participants.

We now have a rich collection of diverse views on topics like Haumai, Hukam, Munn, and Sabad etc.

KHOJGURBANI remains a work-in-progress (as it will likely be forever), but the reception it has received has been beyond our expectations. For this, we can only thank the Sangat and the Guru’s guiding hand.

The core activity remains our moderated Gurbani Vichaar sessions.

Gursikhs from around the world continue to join us in cyber-Sangat. But more importantly, the cyber-Sangat now has the feel of a close-knit family with diverse – and sometimes clashing – opinions. KhojGurbani prides itself on the fact that diversity of thought and opinioned is actively encouraged. There are no right answers, we believe, but right perspectives.

In the coming year, we hope to re-design our Website and enhance our blogging capabilities.

Thank you for your support.

We seek the Guru’s hand in enabling our vision.

Ravinder Singh

[email protected]

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