Khalsa Gurmat Camp in Renton, WA

Almost everyone I spoke to enjoyed the camp and wanted it to continue....

During vacations our kids usually look forward to the Gurmat Camp.  It reflects on the dedication of the volunteers and Gurudwara Sahib management to do it every year.  “Khalsa Gurmat Camp” is an excellent opportunity for children to learn about religion, learn music, exchange thoughts, meet peers and make friends.  The children also get to enjoy other recreational activities like roller skating, picnics, games, etc.  What’s more, the participants don’t have to confine to the Eastern food but are treated the best food including pizza, pasta, cereals, etc.  At the same time the adults also get to volunteer.  Almost everyone I spoke to enjoyed the camp and wanted it to continue.  We hope the organizers will extend it for a month next time.

Aasra Magazine would like to thank the Gurudwara Sahib Management, the teachers and the volunteers and students on the success of the Khalsa Gurmat Camp.  We have printed a few pictures in the magazine and here.  Please check 300 + pictures on a disk through any branch of the King County Library System. More information about the magazine can be had from [email protected] and WWW.SIKHISM.COM

Thank you.

Children do “Nitnem” daily prayer of the Sikhs at the Gurudwara Sahib in Renton, WA

A few of the volunteers help prepare langar.

Learning Gatka

The Pizza

The organizers and volunteers

The Awards

The water games

The water games


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